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Annual Conferences

2024/06/11: OW2con'24 : Open Source Community Annual Conference
2023/06/14: OW2con'23 : Open Source Software and Digital Commons
2022/06/08: OW2con'22, June 8-9, online
2021/06/23: OW2con'21: Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem
2020/06/17: OW2online'20 : The Challenges of Full Stack Open Source
2019/06/12: OW2con'19, June 12-13, Paris, Open Source: Toward Industry Maturity
2018/06/07: OW2con'18: Open Source Software: A Journey Between Values and Value
2017/06/26: OW2con'17 : New Challenges of Mainstream Open Source Software
2016/09/21: OW2con'16: Addressing the Delivery Challenge of Open Source Software


2024/06/20: Open Source Webinar by OW2
2024/06/13: Open Expo Europe 2024
2024/04/19: OW2 MRL (Market Readiness Levels) introduced at OSPO OnRamp Webinar Series, April 2024
2024/04/11: RPLL Free Software Professional Meeting, June 10, Lyon
2024/03/21: AlpOSS, March 21, 2024, Grenoble
2024/02/03: FOSDEM 2024
2023/12/06: Open Source Experience 2023
2023/11/10: SFSCon 2023
2023/11/07: Open Research Webinars - November 7
2023/10/04: Mindtrek Technology Conference
2023/10/03: RIOS Open Source Week 2023
2023/09/11: EU Cyber Resilience Act: comments and reactions
2023/08/02: OW2 is seeking a marketing freelance
2023/06/13: Web technologies for applications Workshop
2023/05/24: Free Software Professional Meeting, May 24, 2023, Lyon
2023/05/18: Open Expo Europe, May 18, 2023, Madrid
2023/04/25: Open Research Webinar - April 25
2023/04/06: Welcome message from OW2 new 2023 President 
2023/03/21: Digital Workplace, March 21-23, Paris
2023/03/15: Centrale Méditerranée Fosters a Responsible Open Source Culture
2023/02/07: Report on the durability of digital equipment and open source
2023/02/04: FOSDEM 2023
2023/01/24: Open Research Webinars - January 24, 2023
2023/01/04: Partnership signed between OW2 and DINUM 
2022/12/13: Orange awarded "Best Open Source Strategy" by the Acteurs du Libre contest at OSXP
2022/11/11: SFScon 2022
2022/11/08: Open Source Experience 2022
2022/11/07: RIOS Open Source Week 2022
2022/09/29: Euclidia Now! September 29, Brussels
2022/06/29: OW2 15 Year Anniversary
2022/06/29: Cloud Datacenter + Infra
2022/06/07: OpenInfra Summit, June 7-9, 2022, Berlin
2022/06/02: FLOSSCon, June 2-3, 2022, Grenoble
2022/02/05: FOSDEM 2022, February 5-6, Online
2022/01/23: OW2 Community Elections 2022
2021/12/10: OSPO OnRamp, December 10, 2021
2021/11/30: RIOS Italy Open Source Week 2021, online
2021/11/12: SFScon 2021, November 12-13, Bolzano, Italy
2021/11/09: Open Source Experience, November 9-10, Paris
2021/11/09: New release 1.2 for the OSPO Alliance Good Governance (GGI) Handbook 
2021/10/25: EclipseCon Europe 2021, October 
2021/10/14: B-Boost Conference, October 14-15, La Rochelle, France
2021/09/09: Elixir Conference 2021
2021/06/24: OW2con'21 Best Project Award
2021/06/23: OSPO Alliance Launch
2021/06/08: Open Expo Europe Virtual Experience, June 8-11, Online
2021/06/07: Microsoft Open Source Week, June 7-11, 2021
2021/05/12: OSS2021
2021/04/08: FASTEN Virtual Workshop, April 8, 2021
2021/03/26: BlueHats Workshop
2021/03/04: Open Research Webinars - March 4, 2021
2021/02/06: FOSDEM 2021
2021/01/18: OW2 Co-signs Op-ed Article Endorsing MP Bothorel's Report.
2021/01/12: OW2 Welcomes Recommendations in MP Eric Bothorel's Report 
2020/12/15: Open Research Webinars - December 15, 2020
2020/12/01: RIOS Open Source Week, December 1-4, Online
2020/11/13: SFScon 2020, November 13-14, Bolzano, Italy and online
2020/11/03: OW2 Community Day 2020 - POSTPONED
2020/06/17: OW2con'20 Best Project Awards
2020/06/04: Open Expo Europe 2020
2020/03/18: OW2 2020 New Board Members
2020/02/01: FOSDEM 2020
2019/12/12: Open Cities Collaboration Workshop
2019/12/10: Paris Open Source Summit 2019
2019/11/27: Profes 2019
2019/11/15: SFSCon 2019
2019/11/14: European Commission Workshop on Open Source 
2019/10/21: EclipseCon Europe 2019
2019/06/19: Journees PERL 2019
2019/04/17: Devoxx France 2019
2019/02/02: FOSDEM 2019
2018/12/04: OW2 Champion of Free Software Prize 2018
2018/11/27: Cloud Expo Europe Paris
2018/11/06: B-Boost - Open Source International Convention
2018/10/24: Introduction to Mutation Testing at Paris JUG
2018/10/23: EclipseCon Europe 2018
2018/10/18: IDC Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
2018/10/16: IoT Solutions World Congress
2018/10/10: Daniel Le Berre, CNRS 2018 Innovation Medalist
2018/07/18: OSCON Open Source Convention
2018/07/07: RMLL 2018
2018/06/13: EclipseCon France 2018 
2018/06/13: FOSS Backstage
2018/06/06: Open Expo Europe
2018/05/24: Open Source Innovation Spring
2018/03/21: 2018 Board Meeting and General Assembly
2018/03/21: Cloud Computing World Expo, Paris
2018/02/03: FOSDEM 2018
2018/02/02: CHAOSSCon and GrimoireCon Europe 2018
2018/01/04: OW2 at Google Summer of Code 2018
2017/11/20: FOSS Backstage Micro-Summit
2017/10/24: EclipseCon Europe 2017
2017/10/03: IoT Solutions World Congress
2017/10/01: fisl 18, October 1-4, Porto_Alegre, Brazil
2017/09/19: CloudWATCH Summit
2017/09/18: OW2 Supports the Public Money Public Code Campaign
2017/06/21: EclipseCon France 2017
2017/05/22: OSS 2017, May 22-23, Buenos Aires
2017/05/08: OpenStack Summit, May 8-11, Boston
2017/05/08: OSCON 2017
2017/03/22: Cloud Computing World Expo, Paris
2017/03/20: OW2 To Showcase CHOReVOLUTION at CeBIT 2017
2017/03/15: Cloud Expo Europe
2017/03/09: FusionDirectory Workshop: Simplify your IT Infrastructure Management
2017/02/04: FOSDEM 2017
2016/11/18: AccessCamp 2016
2016/11/15: OW2 Receives Special Jury Award at POSS 2016
2016/11/08: CLASS Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016/11/07: DG CONNECT Cloud Research Consultation and Workshop
2016/10/25: EclipseCon Europe
2016/10/24: OpenStack Summit
2016/10/17: OSCON O'Reilly Conference Europe
2016/10/12: OW2 International Programming Contest 2016 - Award Conference
2016/09/21: OW2con'16 Best Project Award
2016/07/13: fisl 17 International Free Software Forum
2016/07/04: RMLL Security Track
2016/07/04: OW2 International Programming Contest 2016 - Team Work has started
2016/06/23: Adullact Congress
2016/06/10: OW2 International Programming Contest 2016 - Registration Now Open!
2016/05/23: OW2 Webinar Series : Open Source Forum (web conferences) 
2016/05/16: OSCON O'Reilly Open Source Conference
2016/04/25: OpenStack Summit
2016/04/20: Net Futures 2016
2016/04/12: Cloud Expo Europe
2016/03/23: Cloud Computing World Expo, Paris
2016/03/08: Cloudscape 2016
2016/02/27: Self-Hosting Meetup, Amsterdam
2016/02/15: Meetup PLOSS Paris Region
2016/01/30: FOSDEM'16
2016/01/18: HiPEAC 2016

Press Releases

2024/01/09: NGI Zero Commons Fund KickOff
2023/11/28: OW2 at OSXP23
2023/11/27: NGI0 Commons : 27 millions d'EUR pour l'écosystème open source, via les fondations (Tribune de P.Y. Gibello, CEO d'OW2)
2023/11/16: Livre blanc: Perspectives et visions acteurs de l'open source
2023/10/18: New release open source good governance handbook
2023/10/02: The Open Source Good Governance handbook now available in six languages
2023/06/14: OW2 Announces Three OW2con'23 Best Project Awards
2023/06/14: Trois projets open source OW2 primés sur la conférence OW2con'23
2023/06/14: Les 10 premiers NGI Searchers soutenus par OW2 et la Commission Européenne
2023/06/14: Ten First NGI Searchers supported by OW2 and the European Commission 
2023/06/05: OW2 links open source software to digital commons at OW2con'23 
2023/06/05: OW2 relie les logiciels libres aux communs numériques lors de la conférence OW2con'23 
2022/11/24: Nouvelle version novembre 2022 pour le cadre de bonne gouvernance open source   « GGI » 
2022/11/07: New release November 2022 for the open source good governance framework
2022/11/03: La Communauté Open Source OW2 largement représentée à Open Source Experience
2022/06/29: Open Cloud by OW2 at Symposium Cloud Paris 2022
2022/03/03: New CEO Pierre-Yves Gibello announced by the OW2 Board of Directors
2021/11/29: The OW2 Quick App Initiative publicly showcased at Open Source Experience
2021/11/08: OW2 présente les « Market Readiness Levels », une méthode d’évaluation du potentiel commercial des projets open source
2021/11/08: OW2  introduces the « Market Readiness Levels », a method for evaluating the business potential of open source projects
2021/07/27: L'Alliance OSPO annonce ses nouveaux supporters, dont Red Hat
2021/06/24: OW2 announces three OW2con'21 Best Project Awards
2021/06/23: Création de l'alliance OSPO annoncée lors d'OW2con'21
2021/06/23: OW2 Quick App initiative set to transform the mobile user experience
2021/06/23: L’initiative OW2 Quick App prête à transformer l’expérience utilisateur mobile
2021/06/02: OW2con’21: Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem
2021/06/02: OW2con’21 : Valoriser l'écosystème européen du logiciel libre 
2021/04/12: Test{fest} Contest: two Months to try Europe's Leading Edge Software Beta Releases and to win Honours and Monetary Prizes
2021/03/16: RIOS and OW2 open source organizations agree to develop synergies
2021/01/12: OW2 Applauds the Bothorel Report on Open Data and Open Source Software and Offers its Help
2020/06/04: OW2 révèle le programme OW2online’20, la conférence virtuelle open source des 17-18 juin
2020/06/04: OW2 unveils program of OW2online’20, the virtual open source conference, June 17-18
2019/12/05: The OW2 Community highly visible at Paris Open Source Summit 2019 
2019/12/05: La communauté OW2 largement représentée à l’occasion du Paris Open Source Summit 2019
2019/06/12: OW2 Announces Three OW2con'19 Best Project Awards 
2019/05/16: Mature Open Source Software Featured at the OW2 Annual Conference 
2019/05/16: La maturité des logiciels open source en vedette à la conférence annuelle OW2
2019/02/01: At Paris Open Source Summit, the OW2 community is highlighted  during the « Champions of Free Software » award ceremony
2019/01/24: FSFE brochure: Public Money Public Code - Modernising Public Infrastructure with Free Software 
2018/11/26: A l’occasion du Paris Open Source Summit 2018, OW2 réunit des acteurs internationaux influents de l’open source
2018/11/26: At Paris Open Source Summit 2018, OW2 brings together key international open source players
2018/11/26: Les nouveaux outils open source de tests automatisés STAMP sont disponibles et en démonstration à Cloud Expo Europe Paris
2018/11/26: New STAMP Open Source Software Testing Toolset Made Available and Showcased at Cloud Expo Europe Paris
2018/11/15: La communauté open source OW2 annonce le lancement de la campagne de beta test du projet STAMP
2018/11/15: The OW2 Open Source Community Announces the Launch of STAMP Project Beta-Testing Campaign
2018/06/12: La communauté open source OW2 distingue trois projets OW2con'18 Best Project Awards'
2018/06/11: The OW2 Open Source Community announces OW2con'18 Best Project Awards
2018/05/21: OW2con’18 explores the many faces of open source software, and its journey between ethic values and economic value
2018/05/21: OW2con’18 explore les différentes facettes du logiciel open source
2018/03/12: OW2 reveals STAMP and CROSSMINER, two European-funded R&D projects in software engineering during the Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Computing World Expo
2017/11/07: La communauté OW2 contribue activement au Paris Open Source Summit 2017
2017/06/29: OW2con'17 Best Project Awards
2017/06/26: The Open Source Initiative becomes OW2 Associate Member
2017/06/15: La conférence OW2con'17 explore les nouveaux défis des logiciels libres
2017/06/13: OW2 Open Source Accessibility Initiative Operates in Seven Domains
2017/06/12: OW2con’17 explores the challenges of mainstream open source software
2017/05/09: Engineering Group and OW2 announce Knowage as reference brand for open source business analytics offering
2017/03/30: Jean Parpaillon Elected Chairperson of the Board of OW2
2017/02/16: OW2 unveils its program for Open Cloud Forum at Cloud Expo Europe
2016/11/15: Ikoula, partenaire de la place de marché AppHub
2016/11/15: New CHOReVOLUTION Platform showcased at POSS 2016
2016/11/08: Présence et implication remarquables d'OW2 au Paris Open Source Summit 2016
2016/10/24: OW2 launches the “Try AppHub” campaign at OpenStack Summit to promote its self-service cloud-oriented deployment platform
2016/10/24: DreamHost Becomes AppHub's First Cloud Source Partner Offering Seamless Deployment of Open Source Software to OpenStack
2016/10/17: OW2 launches campaign to attract open source software for free distribution on the AppHub marketplace
2016/09/28: The OW2 Open Source Community announces OW2con'16 Best Project Awards
2016/08/29: OW2con'16 explore l’adéquation au marché du logiciel open source
2016/08/29: OW2con'16 Explores What Makes Open Source Software Market Ready 
2016/05/17: OW2 announces new open source accessibility initiative
2016/04/25: OW2 community showcases AppHub at OpenStack Summit, a new distribution channel for enterprise cloud applications or services
2016/04/12: OW2 at the Forefront of the  Open Cloud Park Theater at Cloud Expo Europe London 2016
2016/03/30: Yury Glikman Elected Chairperson of the Board of OW2
2016/03/23: Pre?sentation du Village Open Cloud au salon Cloud Computing World Expo Paris
2016/03/23: Announcing the Open Cloud Village  at Cloud Computing World Expo Paris
2016/03/23: OW2 Unveils CHOReVOLUTION Studio for IoT and Web services-based applications
2016/03/23: OW2 Demonstrates AppHub, the European Open Source Marketplace
2015/12/01: OW2 Open Source Software Community Announces OW2con'15 Best Project Awards
2015/10/26: RISCOSS project demonstrates its decision support platform at OSCON Europe
2015/09/01: OW2 introduces OW2con'15 "The Drive for Open Source Governance"
2015/06/05: PaaSage and OW2 announce platform availability on the AppHub marketplace
2015/03/10: OW2 announces OCCIware, new Formal and Tooled Framework for Managing Everything as a Service
2015/03/04: OW2 unveils the program of the Open Cloud Forum by OW2 and Open Cloud Park at Cloud Expo Europe
2015/02/18: OW2 Announces AppHub the European Open Source Market Place
2014/12/04: The Ville de Paris joins OW2
2014/11/10: OW2 annonce le palmarès des OW2con'14 Best Project Awards
2014/11/05: OW2con'14: Leverage the Global Open Source Ecosystem
2014/11/03: OW2 showcases OpenCloudware at OpenStack Summit in Paris
2014/11/03: OW2 launches XLcloud, an OpenStack-based cloud for HPC applications
2014/10/30: Open Source Week in Paris
2014/10/17: OW2 Community at Open World Forum 2014
2014/07/20: OW2 presents its Big Data initiative at OSCON
2014/07/20: OW2 showcases OpenCloudware Open Platform at OSCON
2014/05/14: OW2 announces OW2 Webinars, New Interactive Training Channel
2014/05/14: RISCOSS open source decision-support platform at Solutions Linux
2014/05/14: The XLcloud platform strengthens remote rendering in OpenStack
2014/05/06: Engineering Group & OW2 announce the Big Data initiative
2014/02/18: OW2 Unveils the Program of its First Open Cloud Forum
2013/11/22: OW2 annonce le palmarès des OW2con'13 Best Project Awards
2013/11/22: OW2 announces OW2con'13 Best Project Awards
2013/10/09: OW2 Announces the Programme of its Annual Conference OW2con'13
2013/10/09: OW2 annonce le programme de sa conference annuelle OW2con'13
2013/07/23: OW2 Unveils the RISCOSS Methodology
2013/07/22: OW2 Unveils Program of First Cloud Interoperability Week
2013/07/22: OW2 Announces its Annual Conference OW2con'13
2013/05/21: OW2 annonce son programme de conferences a Solutions Linux
2013/05/13: Cloud Interoperability Week
2013/05/07: Le groupe Engineering prend la présidence d'OW2
2013/03/27: OW2 révèle le programme du premier Colloque Open Cloud a  Paris
2013/03/05: OW2 unveils CHOReOS project at CeBIT
2013/03/05: OW2 launches the Future Internet Software and Services initiative (FISSi)
2013/02/14: Ubidreams open sources its cross-platform framework as the Nanoko OW2 project
2013/01/29: OpenCloudware at Cloud Expo Europe 2013
2012/12/07: Palmarès des OW2 Best Project Awards 2012
2012/11/29: OpenSocial Foundation becomes OW2 Consortium Associate Member
2012/11/05: OW2 Demonstrates CompatibleOne, The Open Source Cloud Broker, at Cloud Expo West
2012/10/18: OW2 annonce le programme final d'OW2con'12 "L'alternative open source?"
2012/07/27: OW2 announces China Open Source Week 2012 (COSW'12)
2012/07/23: OW2 announces high-profile participation at this year's FISL
2012/07/18: OW2 announces OW2con'12: 'The Open Source Alternative'
2012/07/05: Mandriva joins OW2 to Spur Enterprise Innovation in the Open Source Community
2012/06/19: The first complete book of SpagoBI presented at Solutions Linux
2012/06/19: ProActive Parallel Suite® boosts productivity in the MetaQuant Platform of Metagenomics Quantitative of the INRA Centre in Jouy en Josas
2012/06/19: La banque BELFIUS accorde sa confiance a ProActive Parallel Suite
2012/06/12: OW2 annonce le projet XLcloud
2012/06/12: Engineering announces SpagoBI novelties at Solutions Linux 2012
2012/06/12: OW2 at Solutions Linux 2012
2012/05/17: OW2 integrates the Trustie platform
2012/05/03: OW2 announces CompatibleOne White-Paper
2012/03/28: OW2 announces second major release of CompatibleOne project
2012/03/28: OW2 announces the launch of OpenCloudware project
2012/01/03: OW2 at Cloud Expo Europe in London
2011/11/17: First OW2 CompatibleOne Cloud Broker Demonstration
2011/11/03: OW2con Final Program Announced
2011/10/10: China Open Source Week Final Program
2011/09/27: SpagoBI wins the Open Innovation Awards
2011/09/22: SugarCRM joins OW2
2011/09/14: fOSSa Conference, Full Program is out
2011/09/14: The OW2 Community at Cloud Expo Europe 2011 
2011/09/14: The OW2 Community showcases Open Source Middleware at JavaOne 2008
2011/09/14: Talend et Petals Link concluent un partenariat technologique
2011/09/14: Talend Open Studio and Spagobi combine their technologies to strengthen the open source business intelligence and data integration
2011/09/14: SpagoBI New release 3.0
2011/09/14: Talend Open Studio v2.1 is available
2011/09/14: SpagoBi and INGRES combine technologies
2011/09/14: SpagoBi Meta 3.0 announced at Solutions Linux
2011/09/12: Prologue SA Joins OW2
2011/07/25: OW2 announces the China Open Source Week
2011/07/25: OW2 announces OW2Con 2011
2011/06/30: SlapOS New Success Stories
2011/06/30: 4Linux & BonitaSoft partnership
2011/06/29: OW2 at the FISL Conference in Brazil
2011/06/28: ProActive Success Story (French)
2011/04/26: OW2 Demonstrates CompatibleOne Integration with OpenStack
2011/04/26: OW2 Announces Integrated Java Stack for Ubuntu
2011/03/03: CompatibleOne Preview at In The Cloud Expo
2011/03/03: OW2 Announces OSCi Workshops
2010/11/26: OW2 Annual Conference
2010/09/21: OW2 Organizes First Corporate Networking Meeting
2010/07/22: OW2 supports OpenStack
2010/05/07: OW2 and UShareSoft partnership 
2010/05/05: OW2 launches Open Source Cloudware Initiative
2010/04/15: SpagoBI Analytical Appliance for Ingres RDBMS
2010/04/08: Engineering and Novell strenghten their partnership
2010/03/16: Jaspersoft choisit par Sicap
2010/03/16: OW2 consortium adopts NovaForgeTM  as its software forge
2010/03/16: Engineering presents Open Source novelties at Solutions Linux 
2010/02/10: Engineering joins the OSGI Alliance
2009/12/10: Engineering and Ingres release a new open source Analytical Platform 
2009/11/16: BonitaSoft announces OEM partnership with eXo Platform
2009/11/04: First SpagoBI Integrator Partner in Latin America
2009/10/13: 2020 FLOSS Roadmap 2009 Version
2009/10/07: BonitaSoft joins the OW2 Consortium
2009/10/02: First fOSSa Conference (Open Source for Academia)
2009/10/01: OW2 And OSA Plan To Join Forces
2009/09/19: Beihang Uni. Students Win OW2 Contest
2009/06/22: OW2 at Linuxtag 2009
2009/06/02: OW2 announces JOnAS Java EE 5 Certification
2009/06/01: OW2 at JavaOne 2009
2009/03/31: Case Sudies of SpagoBI Successes
2009/03/10: OW2 Consortium announces its first Annual Conference
2008/12/01: OW2 launches its web platform in China
2008/09/22: Ingres joins the OW2 Consortium
2008/08/31: Open source: What you should learn from the French
2008/08/29: Infoworld on OW2 projects
2008/08/14: OW2 starts the Europe Local Chapter
2008/06/25: ASPIRE selects OW2 for its RFID Middleware development
2008/06/16: Engineering and Isufi create an informative integrated system for tourism 
2007/12/12: OW2 releases JOnAS 5
2007/12/10: OW2 at JavaPolis 2007
2007/10/08: OW2 Lomboz? 3.3 launched
2007/06/13: OW2 Consortium Reveals Roadmap for Development
2007/05/22: OW2 widens the consortium code-base with Spagic new project by Engineering extending the Spagoworld approach 
2007/03/12: OW2 extends JOnAS project community, and launches the first Enterprise Edition of its flagship open source application server

Press Review

2024/04/22: OW2con’24 – 15ème édition (Allliancy)
2024/04/15: OW2con'24 se tiendra en presentiel les 11-12 juin à Orange Gardens (Global Security Mag)
2024/01/11: OFE will support the NGIO Commons Fund
2024/01/08: OW2con'24: Call for Presentations - Deadline February 25, 2024 (Global Security Mag)
2023/12/15: Centreon est membre d'OW2  (Video réalisée à Open Source Experience)
2023/12/10: Tribune : l'Europe s'appuie sur l'open source via les fondations, par Pierre-Yves Gibello (OW2)  (
2023/11/20: Opensource & logiciels libres : perspectives et visions des acteurs de l’opensource (Open Source Experience)
2023/06/27: NGI Search : la Commission européenne finance dix logiciels open source de recherche (
2023/06/20: 200 participants à OW2con’23 et sessions en ligne (
2023/06/20: OW2con’23: 200 attendees, three Best Projects Awards (Global Security Magazine)
2023/06/12: Libre et open source express: OW2, CNNum, Fred Turner, Mastodon, robot ramasseur de déchets (
2023/06/06: OW2con’23 à Paris les 14 et 15 juin : le programme (Toolinux)
2023/06/05: OW2con: OW2 links open source software to digital commons at OW2con’23 (Global Security Magazine)
2023/06/05: OW2con : la communauté OW2 de retour les 14 et 15 juin (Programmez!)
2023/06/05: OW2 relie les logiciels libres aux communs numériques lors d'OW2con'23 ( 
2023/05/24: OW2con’23 – Open Source Software and Digital Commons (IT Social)
2023/04/20: OW2con’23 (JoinUp European Commission)
2023/02/14: Un plan d’action logiciels libres et communs numériques pour le service public- ZDnet
2023/02/14: Pour l’État, le logiciel libre rime avec sobriété numérique - Acteurs Publics
2022/12/01: OSPO Alliance Good Governance Handbook 1.1 interview - Open Source Observatory (OSOR)
2022/11/30: Open source : l’Alliance OSPO étoffe sa boîte à outils -
2022/11/26: Open source: l’OSPO Alliance publie la nouvelle version de sa méthodologie de bonne gouvernance - Zdnet
2022/05/09: Valoriser la recherche par le logiciel libre - CNRS
2022/03/30: Tribune par PrestaShop, nouveau membre OW2-La Tribune
2022/03/05: OW2con’22 en ligne et les 15 ans d’OW2 à Paris fin juin-Toolinux
2022/03/22: OW2 : Pierre-Yves Gibello est le nouveau PDG - Silicon
2022/03/04: New OW2 CEO Pierre-Yves Gibello - Global Security Mag
2022/03/04: Le nouveau CEO d’OW2 est Pierre-Yves Gibello - Toolinux
2021/11/26: Le Hub Open Source apporte son soutien à l'initiative OW2 sur les Quicks Apps
2021/11/16: Gouvernance open source : et si on passait à la vitesse supérieure - IT for Business. 
2021/07/16: L’Alliance OSPO annonce ses nouveaux supporters, dont Red Hat - Global Security Magazine
2021/07/08: OW2 récompense les meilleurs projets de sa base de code - 
2021/06/25: OW2con'21 Best Project Awards - Toolinux. 
2021/06/24: OW2con'21 Best Project Awards - Global Security Magazine. 
2021/06/23: OW2 Quick App appears in
2021/06/23: L’initiative OW2 Quick App prête à transformer l’expérience utilisateur mobile - Global Security Mag. 
2021/06/23: OW2 Quick App Initiative set to transform the mobile user experience - Global Security Mag. 
2021/06/04: TOOLinux: All you need to know about the OW2con'21 conference
2021/06/03: Opportunités et défis de l’écosystème européen du logiciel libre explorés à OW2con’21
2021/02/01: Fosdem 2021 : récompenses et reconnaissance pour les bêta-testeurs de logiciels innovants
2021/01/25: Après le rapport Bothorel, des acteurs des logiciels libres demandent une stratégie publique, (french)
2021/01/17: Le logiciel libre et l’ouverture des données sont deux enjeux majeurs du numérique moderne qui méritent une stratégie publique - Le Monde (french). 
2021/01/05: Gendarmerie Nationale actively contributes to LemonLDAP::NG and OCS Inventory
2020/11/19: [OW2 Project News - ProActive] L’IRT Saint-Exupéry expérimente l’automatisation de processus
2020/10/25: [OW2 Project News - LemonLDAP::NG] Lille met en place l'authentification unique
2020/02/03: L'Open Source est-il, même un peu, teinté d'Orange ?
2019/06/20: OW2con’19 confirme la maturité industrielle de l’open source
2018/06/07: OW2Con : AI et gouvernance open source, deux initiatives sur la feuille de route du consortium
2018/05/23: La protection du droit d’auteur ne doit pas entraver la circulation des logiciels
2018/01/16: OCCIware : un projet aujourd’hui finalisé qui industrialise le As A Service (french)
2017/11/13: OCCIware simplifie la gestion de systèmes multi-clouds - 
2017/06/18: OW2 est devenue en dix ans l’organisation open source de facto de l’UE
2016/07/11: Le big data open-source est un pilier de l'innovation et de la démocratie
2016/06/22: OW2con'16 Appel à Présentations - 
2016/05/17: Le Cloud Computing, vecteur de transition digitale dans les entreprises, Innovation Review
2016/05/17: OW2 announces new open source accessibility initiative - Global Security Mag. 
2016/04/27: Comment l'Open Source School prépare sa rentrée - le Journal du Net. 
2016/04/27: OpenStack Summit: OW2 fait la démonstration d'AppHub - Le MagIT (French) 
2016/04/25: Sécuriser le cloud en sept étapes - Solutions IT. 
2016/04/01: La communauté open source àCloud Computing World Expo - Le Journal des Telecoms. 
2016/03/22: Yury Glikman Elected Chairperson of the Board of OW2 - Global Security Mag. 
2016/02/26: Cloud Computing World Expo 2016 - JDN. 
2015/12/04: L'open source au cœur du business - Solutions IT. 
2015/11/27: L'open source accompagne l'innovation collaborative - BFM Business. 
2015/11/27: La valeur du big data passe par une bonne connaissance des technologies Open Source - BFM Business. 
2015/11/27: La gouvernance open source au sein de l'industrie - BFM Business. 
2015/11/24: Etude de marché: l'open source, véritable booster de la croissance du numérique d'ici 2020 (French)
2015/11/17: La France et l'Europe doivent contribuer à l'open source - Les Echos. 
2015/11/16: IT News and Panel on open source governance - BFM Business TV. 
2015/10/09: OW2con’19 confirme la maturité industrielle de l’open source
2015/08/20: OCCIware : Un projet pour unifier l’administration des clouds - Le MagIT. 
2015/04/01: L'équipement d'infrastructure tout-en-un gagne du terrain - Solutions IT. 
2015/03/27: OCCIware : Un standard ouvert pour le cloud - Le Mag Numérique. 
2014/12/01: Open World Forum Reveals Collaborative Innovation - Programmez. 
2014/11/21: Open Source Week Confirms Open Cloud Significant Growth in Europe - Solutions IT. 
2014/11/12: Florent Zara remercie la communauté OW2 - Solutions IT. 
2014/11/12: OW2 launches Security and Privacy Initiative - InformatiqueNews. 
2014/11/12: OW2 se penche sur la sécurité - Le Mag IT. 
2014/04/09: Open Cloud Forum is a Key Highlight to Cloud World Expo 2014 - Global Security Magazine. 
2014/03/20: CCCC'14 interview of Cédric Thomas, CEO of OW2,
2014/02/18: OW2 unveils the program of its first Open Cloud Forum - IT 
2013/11/25: OW2 récompense 4 projets Open Source, ITR News (French)
2013/05/27: Building A Cloud Ecosystem with Open Source Software
2013/03/28: Open Source, des offres desormais incontournables et courtisées, Le Monde Informatique (French)
2012/12/08: OW2 announces Best Project Awards 2012
2012/03/29: PaaS: OW2 lance le projet OpenCloudware
2011/09/26: SugarCRM rejoint OW2 pour gagner en visibilité - Le MagIT (French) 
2011/09/25: SugarCRM rejoint le consortium OW2 - Silicon .fr (French). 
2011/09/22: Open World Forum: SugarCRM rejoint le consortium OW2 - l'Informaticien (French). 
2011/09/22: Aristote Newsletter September 2011
2011/03/31: Bonita Open Solution nommé meilleur outil de modélisation - Toolinux (French). 
2010/12/02: OW2 Conference: du multicore au multicloud (french)
2010/12/01: OW2 Conference: vers un modele de developpement cloud! (, French)
2010/07/12: Open Nebula and Ubuntu interested in OW2 Cloud Initiative
2010/06/30: SpagoBI Plataforma BI Livre e aberta - (Portuguese). 
2010/06/24: OW2 Cloud Stack open to all Apps - CIO Zone (English). 
2010/06/01: UShareSoft conclut un partenariat technologique avec OW2 - Ecobiz, (French). 
2010/05/07: OW2 lance l'initiative cloudware (French)
2010/05/07: Une 'Open Source Cloud Initiative' pour le consortium OW2 (French)
2010/05/05: OW2 launches Open Source Cloudware Initiative - (English). 
2010/05/05: OW2 launches Open Source Cloudware Initiative - (English). 
2010/05/05: OW2 launches Open Source Cloudware Initiative - (English). 
2010/05/05: OW2 launches Open Source Cloudware Initiative - (English). 
2010/04/27: Ingres and Engineering release new analytical appliance - (English). 
2010/03/22: Novaforge devient la forge du Consortium OW2 - Toolinux (French). 
2010/03/18: Vers une initiative open source dans le Cloud, signée OW2, le Journal du Net (French)
2010/03/18: Vers une initiative open source dans le Cloud, signée OW2, JournalduNet (French)
2010/03/17: Open Source: Novaforge integré à OW2 d'ici fin 2010 - le Journaldunet (French). 
2010/03/16: Novaforge devient la forge du Consortium  - IT Channel (French). 
2010/03/16: Bull fusionne sa plateforme de développement Novaforge dans OW2 - (French). 
2010/02/19: Open Source Adoption: CEO perspectives - Dr. Dobb's (English). 
2009/12/20: Cédric Thomas Interview, December 2009
2009/11/13: Business Intelligence de código aberto com parceiro brasileiro - Linux (Brazilian). 
2009/10/15: BonitaSoft rejoint l'OW2 - O1netPro (French). 
2009/10/12: BonitaSoft rejoint le consortium OW2 - Toolinux (French). 
2009/10/09: Open Source: L'OW2 et l'OSA se fiancent - (French). 
2009/10/07: L'open world forum comme si vous y étiez - (French). 
2009/10/07: Bonita reaffirme son engagement dans la communauté... -  (French)
2009/10/05: Open Solutions Alliance acquired by Europeans - ZD Net (Blog, French). 
2009/10/05: Les consortiums OW2 et OSA fusionnent - 01netPro (French). 
2009/10/02: Introducing a global Voice and Platform for Open Source - Cloud Computing Journal( English). 
2009/10/02: OW2 fusionne avec l'Open Source Alliance - Le MagIT (French) 
2009/10/02: OW2 se rapproche de l'Américaine OSA - Le Monde Informatique (French). 
2009/10/01: OW2 et OSA unissent leur forces - ITR Manager (French). 
2009/10/01: OW2 and OSA announce merger plans - (English). 
2009/09/07: Interview of Jean-Pierre Laisné - OW2 President, DZone, JavaLobby (French). 
2009/06/10: eXo Platform Merges Portal Software Development into JBoss Community - BusinessWire (English). 
2009/05/25: Grid4Biz, L'actu du Grid et du Cloud, Blog (French)
2009/05/07: Appel à participation pour l'élaboration de la roadmap du logiciel libre - (French). 
2009/04/29: eXo Platform est un 'Cool Vendor' selon Gartner - Toolinux (French). 
2009/04/26: Les technologies de BI open source poursuivent en 2009 leur ascension - (French). 
2009/04/24: Entrevista Business Intelligence - (Brazilian). 
2009/04/24: La ville de Chateauroux adopte Talend - Toolinux (French). 
2009/04/07: Le Libre, remède à la crise, Le Monde Informatique (French)
2009/04/01: Les 10 réussites françaises de l'open source - L' (French). 
2009/03/23: JOnAS Application Server erhält Java-EE-5-Zertifizierung - Heise Developer (German). 
2009/03/19: Le serveur d'application JOnAS 5.1 M5 certifié Java EE 5 - Programmez (French). 
2009/01/22: Les Développeurs open source séduits par le Cloud Computing - LeMagIT, (French). 
2009/01/05: L'état du monde IT : l'Open Source, vers une logique business, LeMagIT (French)
2008/12/28: A look at China's linux and open source movement - ZD net Asia (English). 
2008/12/02: Le consortium OW2 se dote d'un mirroir chinois - LeMagIT, (French). 
2008/12/01: Pourquoi l'Open World Forum?  - ITR News (French). 
2008/10/06: Nova Bonita - Bonita 4.0 Released - InfoQ (English). 
2008/09/30: Paris Capitale du Libre devient plus international - 01net (French). 
2008/09/23: En rejoignant OW2, Ingres accélère sa politique de partenariats - Le MagIT (French) 
2008/09/23: Ingres rejoint le Consortium OW2 - ITR (French). 
2008/09/22: Ingres joins the OW2 Consortium - (English). 
2008/09/22: Ingres joins the OW2 Consortium - (English) .
2008/09/22: Ingres rejoint le Consortium OW2 - (French) 
2008/08/28: "Open source : What you should learn from the french" -  (english).
2008/08/28: Open source : la leçon française à l'Amérique - LeMagIT (french). 
2008/07/08: Linux Magazine Brazil (portuguese)
2008/05/08: O SpagoBi oferece un pacote de BI completo e de Codigo Aberto - LinuxMagazine (italian). 
2008/01/30: Initiative Business Intelligence au salon Solutions Linux -  - Le MagIT (French)  (french).
2008/01/20: Open Source, l'appât du gain, une menace pour l'unité de la communauté?