The OW2 Open Source Community announces OW2con'18 Best Project Awards



Jun 11 2018

At OW2con'18, June 7-8 in Paris-Châtillon, open source projects BonitaSoft, FusionIAM and Knowage receive unique recognition from the community for their contributions to the OW2 code base.

Paris, June 11, 2018. OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software, announces the winners of OW2con'18 Best Project Awards. The OW2con Best Project Awards recognize OW2 projects for their outstanding contribution in several categories including innovation, community and market performance. 

The winners of the OW2con'18 Best Project Awards are: 

  • Community Award: FusionIAM offers a complete open source-based solution for Identity and Access Management, associating a data management interface in LDAP directories with an authentication portal. As the resulting force of Fusion Directory and LemonLDAP::NG projects, FusionIAM reflects a concrete example of community at work and deserves the OW2con’18 Best Project Community Award.
  • Innovation Award: Bonita 7.7 wins the OW2con’18 Best Project Innovation Award, achieving its goal to become a solid foundation for the Digital Business Platform after three years reinventing itself with a multi-layer architecture. This change allows independent, collaborative development and continuous delivery of custom applications, enabling highly customized user interfaces. The particular innovation delivered with Bonita 7.7 is Intelligent Continuous Improvement: a unique process mining approach to machine learning to assist managers to make key decisions to avoid possible process bottlenecks. In addition to real-time predictions, ICI also offers historical data exposure through ElasticSearch, to build comprehensive reports and dashboards for Business Activity Monitoring.
  • Market Award: Knowage wins the OW2con’18 Best Project Market Award, creating a new brand for OW2 Open Source Business Intelligence. Facing radical changes in its market environment, SpagoBI switched to a new business model and a new brand, showing respect for its community. Knowage combines big data sources and traditional data into valuable and meaningful information. It merges the innovation coming from the community with the experience and practices of enterprise-level solutions, driven by a large systems integrators. 

The OW2con'18 Best Project Award ceremony was organized in the framework of OW2con'18, the community's annual conference organized this year, in Orange Gardens Innovation Center, in Châtillon.

Please, find photos, videos and slides of OW2con’18 online: 

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