OW2 International Programming Contest 2016 - Award Conference

October 12 - 13, 2016

Beihang University, Beijing, China

The 2016 OW2 International Programming Contest Award Conference took place Oct. 12-13 2016 at Beihang University, Beijing, China. The OW2 Contest committee has evaluated the delivered projects along a set of criteria. The teams who delivered the most convincing work were awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: 2000 EUR / 15000 RMB
  • 2d prizes: 800 EUR / 6000 RMB per team 
  • 3d prizes: 150 EUR / 1200 RMB per team 

First Prize

The 1st Prize was attributed to XU Peixing for the project "DevOps tool supports continuous deployment and configuration for cloud based applications" from ISCAS, mentored by Prof. Wei Chen.

Second Prizes

Three 2d Prizes were attributed to:

  • BingZheng Yan, Wenting Shen, Yingying Zheng, Zhao Wei, Liangyi Kang and Shikai Duan from ISCAS, for the project "FaultFactory: A Fault-tolerance Benchmarking Suite for Big Data Frameworks" mentored by Prof. Lijie Xu
  • Hu Ben and Wen Shangmin from NUDT, for the project "A PAAS Cloud Framework for Rapid Deployment of Existing Open-Source Robotic Software Packages" mentored by Prof. Ding Bo
  • Xia Zhenglin and Yifei DA from BUAA, for the project "An Intelligent Open Source Code Search Engine" mentored by Prof. Hailong Sun

Third prizes

  • Seven 3rd Prizes to all the other teams who delivered a final work and activity reports.

The Jury started with the rating and quality assessment attributed by the mentors then, for each project, added rating along several criteria criteria: quality of the activity reports, quality of the code repository layout, quality of the licensing management, quality of the documentation (code comments, user documentation, videos), and availability of tests.

More about the OW2 International Programming Contest: https://contest.ow2.org