EclipseCon Europe 2021, October 

October 25 - 28, 2021



EclipseCon Europe will take place this year again as a virtual event, from October 25 to October 28. 

OW2 CTO Antoine Mottier will present the FASTEN Dependency Management Research Project. Find more details:

Abstract: The software you are building has probably several dependencies and also an additional bunch of transitive dependencies.
Keeping all dependencies under control is key to ensure your application security, quality, and more.
Today some tools are helping you to manage your dependencies, and they are great, but they also have an important limitation: they lack accuracy.

In this talk I will cover how FASTEN project aim at giving more accurate dependencies insight by bringing evolutions to the existing dependencies managers (such as Maven, Pip, etc.) by leveraging functions call graphs done across the whole ecosystem (e.g. Maven Central).
You will learn how it can reduce false positives in reports that are recommending dependencies updates or detect issue at built time rather than at runtime.
So if you are overwhelmed by constant notifications related to dependency upgrades, deprecation, etc. join me to find a solution!

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