NGI Zero commons fund: Ready to get funded up to €50,000 Fuel your open source innovations. Put people back at the heart of the Internet!

Fuel your open source Internet innovation up to €50 000

Help deliver, mature and scale new internet commons across the whole technology spectrum, from libre silicon to middleware, from P2P infrastructure to convenient end user applications.

Free and open source software and hardware, open standards, open data & AI, open science, open education and commons based on public goods are democratising innovation and learning, together driving the society and industry forward at an unprecedented pace.
NGI Zero vision is to help restore public ownership of the  internet,  and  enable people to control their digital lives.

Your open source project helps making our technology stack more honest, open, inclusive, green and robust?
Civil rights, privacy and internet neutrality are important to you?



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Keynote at OSXP 2023

On December 7, 2023 in Paris, Pierre-Yves Gibello (OW2 CEO) provided a keynote speech entitled Fuel your project with NGI commons: European funding for FOSS and open models with social impact, open to all during the main Open Source French event OSXP '23.

Abstract : NGI (Next Generation Internet), part of the European Commission’s Horizon program, offers a cascading funding scheme based on calls for projects, open to all. NGI Commons is NGI’s vehicle for the next 3 years: its aim, to finance the future of a European Internet and digital commons based on open source, integrates a societal vision founded on the protection of private data, inclusivity, public liberties, sobriety and network neutrality.

Project consortium


NGI Zero Commons Fund is a project coordinated by NLnet created to share 21.6 million euros of R&D on technology commons. This effort is proposed by a large group of european organisations, academia, and non-proft organisations including APELL (BE), APC (ES), CCT (DE), CCBV (NL), FSF(CH), FSFE (DE), HAN (NL), (CH), NixOS (NL), NLnet (NL), OFE (BE), OW2 (FR), ROS (NL), and TN (IE).

The money for NGI Zero Commons Fund is kindly provided by the European Commission's DG CNECT, with additional funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). 

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