May 12 - 13, 2021



17th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2021)

OSS 2021 Date and venue

May 12-13, Online.

Visit: https://www.oss2021.org/

OSS2021 Industry Day

OW2 has been invited to chair the OSS2021 Industrial Track.

The track will include 6 to 8 talks, and will take place on Wednesday May 12th morning.

Call for Presentations

The 17th International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS) aims at providing an international forum where a diverse community of professionals from academia, industry, and the public sector, and diverse FLOSS initiatives can come together to share research findings and practical experiences. The conference is also a forum to provide information and education to practitioners, identify directions for further research, and to be an ongoing platform for technology transfer, no matter which form of FLOSS is being pursued.

The Industry Conference will take place on May 13th afternoon, and include 6 to 8 talks. We are looking for stories telling us about:        

  • real life OSS use cases in private or public companies        
  • startups successful stories of turning research to businesses        
  • best practices and OSS models in public or private sectors        
  • any other relevant topic facilitating OSS adoption or related to technology transfer

How to submit: please send your proposal of presentation title, a short abstract and your speaker bio with a photo to the OW2 Management Office (management-office@ow2.org).

Deadline to submit: March 21.

Tentative agenda

1) Building a sustainable and ethical business model on top of Open Source : the case of XWiki, Clément Oudot, XWiki
2) Open source experiences in AI and DataViz for manufacturing market, Grazia Cazzin, Engineering
3) RIOS (Rete Italiana Open Source) presentation, Stefano Pampaloni, RIOS
4) The 10 challenges of open source, Cédric Thomas, OW2