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Compliance and More

Most large end-users and systems integrators already use FOSS either in their information systems or in their product and service divisions. Open source compliance has become an ever growing concern and many large companies have named compliance officers. 

However, while sanitizing a company’s open source production chain – which is what compliance is about – is fundamental, it is essential that users give back to communities and contribute to the open source ecosystem. This takes compliance to the next level, and this is what open source governance is about.  We see open source governance encompassing the whole ecosystem, engaging with local communities, nurturing a healthy relationship with open source software vendors and service specialists.

This initiative goes beyond compliance and liability. It is about building awareness within large end users (who are also often software developers themselves) and systems integrators and developing mutually benefical relationships with the EU OSS ecosystem. 

This is what OSS Good Governance is about. And in this area, especially in Europe, everyone is still learning and innovating, with nobody knowing where they really stand regarding the state of the art in the domain. 

OSS Good Governance Resource Center

The initiative is developing an OSS Good Governance Resource Center. It is organized in five main sections after the Good Governance Maturity model presented at OW2online'20 (video, slides on June 18th, 2020. Check out these sections:

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Basic Skills in Using Open Source SoftwareSecure and Appropriate Usage of Open Source SoftwareBelonging to the Open Source Community at LargeEngaging with the OSS EcosystemOpen Source as a Corporate Strategy 
Technically using OSS.
Technical ability and experience with OSS.
Some OSS awareness.
Securely and responsibly using OSS.
Compliance and dependency management policies.
Implementing best practices.
Developing OSS culture.
Sharing experience. An individual perspective.

Engaging with the OSS ecosystem.
Contributing back. Developing project visibility.
Event participation.
A corporate perspective.

Embracing the full potential of OSS. Proactively using OSS for innovation and competitiveness. OSS as an enabler of digital sovereignty and transformation. C-level open source awareness.
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A Conceptual Model of Good Governance

The Good Governance Maturity model is inspired by the popular Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs and motivations as illustrated by the picture below.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 at 17.15.43.png

- Pyramid by Chiquo - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
- Abraham Maslow, 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review

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The OSS Good Governance Resource Center is open to all. feel free to add your own resources to it.
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