Open Expo Europe

June 06 - 07, 2018



Open Expo Europe
June 6-7
Madrid, Spain


OW2 is Institutional and Associative partner of the 2018 Open Expo Europe, to be held in Madrid on June 6-7. 

As Partner, we'll be granted privileged conditions to access the event free of charge. A discount code will be provided under request, please contact us if you would like to attend. 

OpenExpo is the annual International Fair and Congress of reference in the field Open Source & Free Software and Open World Economy. The OpenExpo 2018 edition will be mainly oriented to the new challenges of Open Source & Digital Transformation.

Open Awards
The Open Awards recognize and reward the open source projects and initiatives that were held during the previous year creating awareness on companies, administrations, communities and individuals on Open Source & Free Software. 

The Call for Papers is open until March 18, 2018. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please go to : https://openexpoeurope.com/oe2018/call-for-papers-en/. Please keep us informed if you are going there for a talk.