Jun 12 2019

At OW2con'19, June 12-13 in Paris Châtillon, open source projects XWiki, ProActive and CLIF receive
unique recognition from the community for their contributions to the OW2 code base.

Paris, June 12, 2019. OW2, the international community dedicated to develop and to promote an open source code base, announces the winners of OW2con'19 Best Project Awards. The OW2con Best Project Awards recognize OW2 projects for their outstanding contribution in several categories including community, innovation, and market performance.

The winners of the OW2con'19 Best Project Awards are:

  • Community Award: XWiki offers an enterprise-class Collaborative Workplace and a powerful open source-based solution for sharing knowledge, processes and documents in today’s distributed environments. Everything developed at XWiki is proposed, curated and voted by the OW2 project community. As such, XWiki wins the OW2con’19 Best Project Community Award.
  • Innovation Award: ProActive wins the OW2con’19 Best Project Innovation Award, becoming a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Science Platform. ProActive new MLOS set of workflows and templates accelerates the development and the deployment of complex AI models and reduces the operational costs. Available in open source, it is also open to Python with a dedicated API.
  • Market Award: CLIF succeeded in performance testing at Orange, evaluating the impact of 3 millions potential homes in a few days for the new domestic IoT services. The Orange project "Maison Connectée" leverages the Livebox in place at subscribers home, opens a permanent network connection to the service platform, which represents a technical challenge for the benchmarking campaign! The only performance testing software able to massively generate network connections and traffic is a precious tool from the OW2 code base. It is the "no-limit" open source load testing software, by OW2. Consequently, CLIF wins the OW2con’19 Best Project Market Award.

The OW2con'19 Best Project Award ceremony was organized in the framework of OW2con'19, the community's annual conference organized this year, in the Orange Gardens Innovation Center, in Châtillon.

Please, visit the OW2con’19 Best Project Awards webpage, with photos, videos and slides of the annual conference.

About OW2
OW2 is an independent community dedicated to developing open source code infrastructure (middleware and generic applications) and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. The OW2 Consortium hosts some one hundred technology projects, including ASM, Bonita, Chameleon, CLIF, DocDoku, Easybeans, Emerginov, Fractal, FusionDirectory, JOnAS, JORAM, JOTM, Knowage, LemonLDAP:NG, Lutece, OCCInterface, PetalsESB, Prelude, ProActive, RocketChat, SAT4J, Spagic, Spago4Q, Sympa, Talend Studio, Telosys, WebLab and XWiki. Visit www.ow2.org, follow us on Twitter @ow2.

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