Open Cities Collaboration Workshop

December 12 - 12, 2019



In the framework of OW2 OSS in Big Cities and OSS Governance initiatives, a workshop is organized on December 12, around the OW2 project Lutece, the Open City Service platform powered by City of Paris. 

This workshop is called by OW2, City of Paris,, Nearform, Eclipse, along with the Johns Hopkins University’s Open Source Program Office based in Baltimore, US. It is organized as part of the drive to grow the Lutece community, help other cities globally in their digital service transformation and aide in openness and transparency for smart cities adoption. 

The objective is to create and explore collaboration opportunities for OW2-related open source communities to assist the City of Baltimore and other cities globally.

As this is a follow-on workshop and working group since the Lutece Paris Open Source Forum last June, it will include also present updates and progress including the engagement around Open Source Program Offices from industry, cities, and universities.