Jun 04 2020

The open source community keeps the conversation going with a full program of some 30 presentations by speakers from 13 countries focused on what OW2 calls ‘’full-stack open source’’.

Paris, June 4, 2020  - OW2, the global community for open source infrastructure software unveils the program of its 2020 annual conference.  Due to the pandemic, OW2 has fully re-engineered OW2con. Based on tagline Keep the Conversation Going! this year’s OW2con comprises both a virtual event, OW2online’20, and an in-person event, the OW2 Community Day.

OW2online’20, to be held on June 17-18, is a full fledged virtual conference of some 30 presentations by speakers from 13 countries with a general focus on what OW2 calls full-stack open source. And because the community needs opportunities to meet face-to-face, there will be an additional OW2 Community Day on November 3rd dedicated to keynotes, round tables and awards with ample time for networking. 

"In just a month, we have totally re-invented OW2con” says OW2 CEO Cédric Thomas. "We are proud of the open source platform we have assembled and grateful to our speakers who have been so responsive. This is the power of open source and community collaboration in action."

The main theme of OW2con this year, "Full Stack Open Source", refers to the challenges appearing today for decision makers who see open source becoming mainstream and disseminating beyond the operating systems and infrastructure middleware across the whole information system. What is at stake is about defining an architecture, establishing a mature governance system and engaging with the whole open source ecosystem. 

The program includes two invited keynotes, Roberto Di Cosmo, from Software Heritage, and Luis Busquets, from the European Commission DG CONNECT, five great sessions including some 30 presentations by speakers from 13 countries representative of Europe's open source ecosystem.

    • OSS Ecosystem: this session looks at open source behind software development and licensing as part of our economies.
    • OW2 Projects Showcase: this session illustrates the OW2 code base through projects such as Xwiki, Rocket.Chat, Zenroom, FusionDirectory and LemonLDAP::NG
    • OSS State of the Art: this session illustrates the many faces of open source and how it helps create better, more efficient and desirable solutions.
    • Collaborative R&D Projects: this session proposes an update on EU funded projects enabled by open source such as DECODER, FASTEN, Melodic and, Morphemic and ReachOut
    • OSS Good Governance: this session offers a broad coverage of tools and best practices available to implement open source governance policies.
The conference is free of charge. All presentations will be in English and the OW2online’20 platform will allow participants to ask their questions in real time and continue the conversation with speakers after the presentations.

Detailed program on the OW2con’20 website is at https://ow2con.org

Download the Press Release (PDF)

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