OW2 Announces Three OW2con'23 Best Project Awards

June 14, 2023


OW2 Announces Three OW2con’23 Best Project Awards

ASM, BlueMind and OCS Inventory win technology, market, and community awards, respectively.

Paris, June 14, 2023 - OW2, the international community of open source software for information systems announces, today at OW2con’23, the winners of OW2con'23 Best Project Awards. These awards recognize OW2 projects for their outstanding contribution in technology, community, and market performance. This year, the three winners of the OW2con'23 Best Project Awards are:

Technology Award: ASM
The OW2con'23 Best Project Technology Award goes to ASM, an all purpose Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework that has successfully maintained a strong momentum of constant innovation well reflected in ASM 9.5, released in spring 2023 and including updates for Java 21. Supported by OW2 since 2002, the engineering library has reached a respectable Market Readiness Level of 6. It was created by Eric Bruneton during its PhD at INRIA.

Market Award: BlueMind
The OW2con’23 Best Project Market Award goes to BlueMind, an open source messaging, agenda and collaboration platform, with a loyal community of contributors, a strong user base appreciating its communication features and a growing marketplace. BlueMind supports LDAP directory synchronisation, mobile devices, webmail and Thunderbird clients. Moreover, videoconferencing features, Active Directory and Outlook connectors are available through subscriptions, making this platform a sovereign alternative to Microsoft Online Exchange and Google Workspace, notably for European organisations.

Community Award: OCS Inventory
The OW2con’23 Best Project Community Award goes to OCS Inventory, an open source computer and software asset management system integrating a software deployment solution. With an excellent Market Readiness Level of 8 and the French Gendarmerie actively involved in its development, OCS Inventory is aligned with multiple public and private organisation expectations. It meets IT support needs through its central management server, its compliance with the Snmp protocol, and useful reporting features to manage PC and connected device fleets of all sizes.

OW2 is proud to recognize three open source solutions enabling engineers, business teams, and IT support staff to achieve breakthrough successes. ASM, BlueMind and OCS Inventory deserve their award for their contribution to the digital commons, and for respecting professional user needs in terms of usability, simple operations, sustainability and scalability,” says OW2 CEO Pierre-Yves Gibello.

The OW2con Best Project Awards acknowledge great project achievements. They offer OW2 members, project leaders and their teams great recognition within the community as well as opportunities in terms of visibility. Find more information on OW2con’23 website:

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