OW2 links open source software to digital commons at OW2con'23 

June 05, 2023


OW2 links open source software to digital commons at OW2con’23

With 40 professional speakers from 8 different countries and 14 active open source sponsors, the OW2 community's annual conference addresses technical, organisational and societal issues. 

Paris, 5 June 2023 - OW2, the international community of open source software for information systems offers, at Orange Innovation Gardens in Paris Châtillon, several dozens of testimonials on the central theme of "open source software and digital commons". No fewer than 33 sessions and 4 face-to-face workshops will take place over the two days of 14-15 June 2023.

A growing number of public and private players are combining their efforts to develop common digital projects and usages, as alternatives to the dominant solutions from the global Internet giants. This trend reflects a cultural change that motivates the co-design, development and operation of digital resources by a community of players prepared to share the same rules of governance. The outcomes of these efforts include text and audiovisual content, databases and free software.

Just as Wikipedia forms an encyclopaedia of collective knowledge on the Internet, OpenStreetMap and Open Food Facts are becoming collaborative reference tools for dealing with geographical data and food products respectively. Digital commons and open source software share a number of characteristics: they serve a community, are inclusive, designed for sustainability, and free of proprietary dependency.

On Wednesday 14 June, three keynote speeches will launch OW2con’23: Philippe Latombe, member of the French parliament will address the protection of individual rights for cloud end users, Wolfgang Gehring, FOSS ambassador at Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation will cover open source development practices and culture in corporations, and Jean-Luc Dorel, European Commission Project Officer will detail the Next Generation Internet programme. 

Next, the Dutch foundation NLNet will highlight the importance of commons such as dykes, mobile networks and social networks for the citizens of a flat country situated largely below sea level. This will be followed by three digital common stories from Open Food Facts, the Alps city of Echirolles, and the French Ministry of Education

We will also be discussing Open Data with the Dinum, the Open Data Hub, and the Datami project. Then, three uses of open-source tools will be described: migrating a proprietary wiki to XWiki, the AICS platform built with Knowage for monitoring sustainable development objectives, and the use of Ubuntu servers by Orange premises. 

During the Cloud & Security session, Christophe Maudoux from the Gendarmerie Nationale will specify how the LemonLDAP::NG WebSSO protects cross-server exchanges. Geir Horn from the University of Oslo will explain Morphemic's role in managing cross-cloud applications involving hardware accelerators. Florian Caringi from the BPCE group (Banque Populaire, Caisse d'Epargne) will summarize an OSPO success story with TOSIT

At the end of the day, three OW2 projects will receive an OW2con'23 Best Project Award for their exceptional contribution in terms of technology, community and market performance.

On Thursday 15 June 2023, seven testimonies will focus on the community management of open source projects (APH10, Hermine, QuickApp, INRAE, PrestaShop, Siemens, Babel.coop), followed by a round table on open source governance within large organisations, bringing together François Desmier (MAIF), Jacob Green (OSPO++), Gilles Rouvier (Lawways), Frédéric Aatz (Microsoft) and Simon Phipps (OSI). 

Funding for open source projects, the latest standards, and presentations by new OW2 members Belledonne Communications, OpenStudio, and Xenogenics will conclude the OW2con’23 annual conference.

Four workshops are planned this year, focusing on the OW2 Technology Council, CLIF performance testing, OSPOs at French universities, and OSS governance

Please, find a detailed program with workshop schedules and free online registration for professionals on the conference website: https://www.ow2con.org

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