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Every month except August, OW2 selects a prominent project from its code base as "project of the month". Whenever possible, we specify its MRL (Market Readiness Level) and claim this honorary distinction on the OW2 homepage and in the OW2 monthly newsletter. In order to highlight the project, we are asking for more current news about it. For example:

  1. Is there any fact or figure impacting your open source project recently? Did it join a standard, a marketplace, or a new IT trend (please specify)?
  2. Will it be showcased at a forthcoming IT industry or open source event in France, in Europe or anywhere else (specify)?
  3. Is there a significant customer adopting your software, a reseller or a third party actively involved in promoting it? Please, provide client/partner contact details so that we can quote them.

Each OW2 Project of the Month will receive a graphical label (see example  on the right) that can be published on your website and mentioned on your social media. Should we post a specific article along with the honorary distinction, we will also provide you its URL for your reference. The defaut URL for the label on your website can be this exact page explaining the process: use this link

Thank you for your collaboration during this promotional operation. 

You are now invited to apply to the next OW2 project of the month. Please, provide detailed answers to the above questions to be selected. 


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Jun 02 2024



LemonLDAP::NG is June 2024 OW2 Project of the month. There is a lot going on: a new release (2.19), official Fedora packages, an OW2 webinar participation, etc. More.