Next episode scheduled in September 26, 2024

What is the new Open Source Webinar by OW2 event series?

Discover the new Open Source Webinar series proposed by OW2 dedicated to open source innovations, OW2 projects and community, and open source funding opportunities including the NGI European programme. These webinars reveal new open source projects, technology, innovation, open models at large (science/data/hardware/education/standards/protocols/etc.), but also digital commons, financing, business models, cooperation, and social impact. This series is proposed as a continuation of the previous series "Open Research Webinars", organized by OW2 and Eclipse Foundation, which was more focused on open source in the research world.  

  • When: Thursdays every three months at 16:00.
  • Duration: 50 minutes. (15 minutes per project, two projects presented, 5 minutes Q&A and latest important news from the community presented by OW2)
  • Where: online. Even though we appreciate a lot to meet the community in person, this event series is planned to be light, frequent, and easy for everyone to join, so online webinars are the best option! 
  • Program: each webinar will showcase two projects, one from the OW2 community (project  from the code base, member, initiative, etc) and the other one will give the floor to success stories from the European NGI initiative. 
  • How to join: participation is free, register by clicking on the dedicated button and you will receive the link to join by email. 

Upcoming Webinar

September 26, 2024, Webinar #2 Prestashop, Allma

Past webinars:

April 11, 2024, Webinar #1 LemonLDAP::NG, Search-a-Licious (Open Food Facts)