FOSDEM 2022, February 5-6, Online

February 05 - 06, 2022



Our proposal to organize a Devroom on "SOFTWARE COMPOSITION AND DEPENDENCY MANAGEMENT" at FOSDEM has been accepted! 

The CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS is open and available at

About the Devroom:
As we all assemble more and more complex software from an ever growing number of free and open source software components, knowing what's in our code is a must for security, legal and operational reasons.

To deal with those new challenges a set of techniques and tools have emerged and are spanning topics from dependency management to software composition analysis (SCA). They should help you to determine which software dependencies are embedded in your project, where and how (directly or indirectly), as well as their origin, licensing, vulnerabilities, quality and other important attributes.

Are you contributing to a FOSS project that aims to make the lives of developers easier? You are looking for what's coming next to help you deal with your project's long list of dependencies? If so, come and join us at FOSDEM 2022 to share your techniques, experiences, and demo your FOSS tools to collaborate towards a better FOSS toolchain.

Deadline: The deadline to send your proposals is December 27th. 

Do not hesitate to submit and relay!