Fundamentals of OW2 Activities

The OW2 community cooperates in developing OW2's code base and its business ecosystem within the framework of three kinds of activities:


At OW2, everything starts with a Project. Developing a broad and consistent code base through the project is our utmost priority. The OW2 code base includes more than 100 projects inherited from ObjectWeb and OrientWare. Furthermore, new projects are being added to the code base every week.


An Initiative is a joint effort by companies targeting the same market need. Initiatives aim at facilitating technology integration between projects and at helping to build business synergies between companies.

In a nutshell, Projects are technology driven whereas Initiatives are market driven, targeting specific market needs.

Local Chapters

A typical Open Source organization, OW2 strives to foster grass root communities across all continents through Local Chapters. A Local Chapter is a group of OW2 members who combine their efforts to promote the goals of OW2 within a community characterized by its geography or language.