Oct 18 2023

New release Open Source Good Governance handbook

At EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg, members of the OSPO Alliance announce release of GGI V1.2, getting a step further in the support provided for the governance of FOSS within organizations. 

Ludwigsburg, October 18, 2023 – The members of the OSPO Alliance are proud to announce the availability of version 1.2 of the Good Governance Initiative (GGI) Handbook. One year after the second version of the handbook, significant progres has been achieved, providing a more sophisticated and accurate support to organizations of all types in their move to establish OSPOs (Open Source Program Offices). 

The release V1.2 includes updates and improvements on the following topics:

Relationships: to maximise the value of inter-dependencies or optimal sequence of activities, we added links to related activities, where possible.
InnerSource: addition of a new chapter about the use of open source principles and practices for software development within the confines of an organisation. Many companies deploy such an approach as they recognise the benefits of Open Source. Some GGI activities are particularly relevant in such a context.
My GGI Board (GitLab board and website to monitor OSPO implementation): easier deployment and improved reporting on activity progress with new diagrams.

"The improvements in this new version of the manual are intentionally very specific and pragmatic" says Boris Baldassari, chairperson of the OSPO Alliance. "With this update, we're answering some very practical questions: where to start, what activities to prioritise, how to monitor and communicate about the implementation of my OSPO? And the fact that we're available in 6 languages makes it even easier to embrace Open Source."

"The GGI was of major help when we implemented the Paris City OSPO and its associated roadmap," adds Philippe Bareille, Open Source Office at Paris City. "This new version benefits as much from our experience as we have benefited from feedback from other players in the community".

In parallel of the availability of v1.2,  a huge translation effort was done recently, making the handbook available in six languages (see the related Press Release). GGI is presented publicly this week at EclipseCon, and will be visible afterwards in some major open source conferences, in Italy (SFScon, Bolzano, November 10-11) and in Paris (Open Source Experience, Paris, December 6-7).  The OnRamp monthly meeting series is another opportunity to discover OSPO Alliance and GGI, the existing tools and methods, and real-life OSPO stories. The November 17th OnRamp meeting, at 10:30 CET, Boris Baldassari will cover in details the new additions to this version.

About OSPO Alliance and GGI:
The OSPO Alliance is an open community that brings and shares guidance to organisations willing to professionally manage the usage, contribution to and publication of open source software. The Good Governance Initiative (GGI) proposes a methodological framework to assess and improve open-source trust, awareness and strategy within organisations. The OSPO OnRamp meeting series provides an open, neutral and friendly forum, low-threshold entry point to exchange and learn about the basics of how to set up an Open Source Program Office and get started with open source. GGI and the OnRamp series are key initiatives from the OSPO Alliance. Learn more on and follow us on X (@OSPOAlliance) and Mastodon (

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