EclipseCon France 2018 

June 13 - 14, 2018

Toulouse, France


We are sponsor of EclipseCon France 2018. 

Date: June 13-14
Venue: Toulouse

Visit us booth #14 and learn more about STAMP Software Testing Amplification Tools project



OW2 will represent at Eclipsecon the STAMP project, both on a booth and in the research conference track

STAMP stands for Software Testing AMPlification. Leveraging advanced research in automatic test generation, STAMP aims at pushing automation in DevOps one step further through innovative methods of test amplification. 

STAMP reuses existing assets (test cases, API descriptions, dependency models), in order to generate more test cases and test configurations each time the application is updated. Acting at all steps of development cycle, STAMP techniques aim at reducing the number and cost of regression bugs at unit level, configuration level and production stage.

Check out the interview of Caroline Landry, STAMP Project Manager at Inria, during EclipseCon France 2018.

About EclipseCon France:
EclipseCon France is the Eclipse Foundation's event for the French and entire European Eclipse community. You will have opportunities to learn, explore, share, and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technologies, the Eclipse Working Groups, and Eclipse member companies.
EclipseCon France is all about community. Contributors, adopters, extenders, service providers, consumers, business people, and researchers gather to share their expertise and learn from each other. EclipseCon provides networking that lead to synergies in the community and opportunities to give and receive help on specific technical issues as well as business opportunities.
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