Open Source Experience 2023

December 06 - 07, 2023

Paris Palais des Congrès


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ProjectMain capabilities
OSPO_Alliance_Logo_wide_596x256.pngThe OSS Good Governance initiative is a joint effort led by OW2 and many partners from the OSPO Alliance to grow awareness and expertise on how to properly use and contribute to open source software. 
CiteLibre_500.pngCiteLibre  is part of the Lutece software suite provided by the City of Paris to help loval administrations implement a broad range of digital services, right out of the box.
xwiki.jpgXWiki is a professional wiki that has powerful extensibility features such as scripting in pages, plugins and a highly modular architecture. 
waarp2.pngWaarp is an Open Source Managed File Transfer Solution aimed at improving the reliability, security, monitoring and integrability of file transfers in a scalable IT system. 
NGISearch_logo_tag_icon.svgNGI Search is a program from the European Commission  aiming to bring forth the next innovative software for searching, discovering and exploiting data on the internet.

Discover OW2 presence in the conferences

Keynote speech by OW2 CEO Pierre-Yves Gibello

Schedule: December 7, 09:50, room Passy.
Title: Fuel your project with NGI commons: European funding for FOSS and open models with social impact, open to all
Abstract : NGI (Next Generation Internet), part of the European Commission’s Horizon program, offers a cascading funding scheme based on calls for projects, open to all. NGI Commons is NGI’s vehicle for the next 3 years: its aim, to finance the future of a European Internet and digital commons based on open source, integrates a societal vision founded on the protection of private data, inclusivity, public liberties, sobriety and network neutrality.
More information: https://www.opensource-experience.com/event/#sticky-14462

Pierre-Yves Gibello Keynote on NGI0 Commons Fund

More talks

Reuse and open source: a guarantee of digital sustainability?

Schedule: December 6, 15:00.
Speakers: Pierre-Yves Gibello, OW2 CEO and Cyril Desmit, IGE
Abstract : Recently, the French interministerial department for digital technology (DINUM) opened the way to factoring in free software in the durability index of the hardware supporting it, by publishing a positive answer to the following question: “Do you think it is possible to install a free operating system that increases the sustainability of computers and smartphones?”
This answer is supported by a synthesized report by OW2, to which Electrocycle has contributed alongside several players. It shows that free software contributes to sustainability well beyond operating systems. The main factor is found in a free software / hardware repurposing mix. Hardware represents 75% of the impact of electric equipment. Free software helps delay its obsolescence. Other areas appear essential like APIs and open protocols that give a new lease of life to several connected objects besides computers and smartphones.

Reconciling business needs and free software

Speaker: Maxime Besson, Worteks
Schedule: December 6 at 12:40.
Abstract: Some free software is funded by service contracts sold to large corporations which legitimately expect a certain number of features in return. How to implement these sometimes hyper specific needs within free software without encroaching on the needs of other users, compromising security or making maintenance more cumbersome? I talk about my experience as a free software developer and as a consultant paid by customers to solve their problems with this same software.

Telephony in the workplace: how to support the transition to software-only solutions.

Speaker: Jehan Monnier, the cofounder of Belledonne Communications
Schedule: December 6 at 16:20.
Abstract: The company telephony is constantly evolving, with IT and telecoms departments coming closer together within organisations over the last decade. Hardware IP telephones and physical servers are gradually being supplemented, or even replaced, by workstations on PCs and virtualised servers, or even by solutions offered in SaaS mode by service providers. Increased teleworking requires solutions that allow users to be mobile, and raises new issues of network and communications security. Finally, the rise of smartphones in the 2010s has rapidly led to the emergence of proprietary communications applications for the mass market, posing new challenges for developers of telecoms solutions. We will be presenting the complete open source client/server software solution for deploying and modernising your Voice over IP infrastructure.

The Importance of Collaborative Applications for European Digital Sovereignty

Speaker: Ludovic Dubost, XWiki
Schedule: December 6 at 15:20.
Abstract: Progress and challenges of alternatives facing the BigTechs.
In the latest years, the subject of European Digital Sovereignty is gaining ground. Clearly the dominant position of the BigTechs is making both European companies, Countries but also individual increasingly dependent on the product and services of the BigTechs. In order to regain our sovereignty we need to look at the full stack, from hardware, to cloud and to the software running on those hardware and clouds. In this talk I would like to present the importance of Collaborative applications as the entry point of all collaboration and the need to regain ground and move to Open Source solutions. I will show the progress made in the last years by different providers of Open Source solutions (NextCloud, Matrix, BigBlueButton, Jitsi, XWiki, CryptPad and many others), and also talk about initiatives to build alternative solutions in Europe, such as the Sovereign Workplace Project in Germany or the initiatives in France. 

The challenges and role of sovereign messaging in the Digital Workplace

Speaker: Pierre Baudracco,
Schedule: December 6 at 15:20.
Abstract: 2023: Digital Workplaces no longer ring the death knell of email! They have finally understood the importance and ubiquity of the leading communication channel. Collaborative messaging challenges are huge:
– The challenge of extending the scope of collaboration and integrating further into the Digital Workplace
– The challenge of sovereignty for the most widely used and exposed application
– The challenge of scalability and resilience for the most widely used and critical application
– And above all, the challenge of usage and respect for user habits, without which users will reject the solution.
Native Outlook support, revamped UX at the heart of development, instant upgrades and PRA, extensibility and collaborative interfaces.
This talk will discuss how BlueMind, the French open source messaging solution, has become the first alternative to Exchange and 365 by responding in practical ways to these challenges.

Round table: How to create a sustainable business based on an open source project

Speakers: Pierre-Yves Gibello, OW2, Elisa Nectoux, Belledonne Communications.
Schedule: December 6 at 17:00. 

How and why secure communications today against tomorrow's attacks?

Speaker: Johan Pascal, Freelance software security consultant for Belledonne Communications.
Schedule: December 7 at 13:30.
Abstract: We are going to talk about current developments in the field of quantum computing, which pose a growing threat to the cryptographic algorithms used today, for example in secure voice-over-IP and instant messaging applications. Although such a quantum computer has not yet been officially announced, some governments recommends protecting data against this type of attack by 2030. The encrypted data shared today could be stored and decrypted soon thanks to this breakthrough innovation. This is because encrypted data shared today could be stored and decrypted in the future by such quantum computers. That's why it's important to encrypt them today using algorithms that are robust to this type of attack. The Linphone application, for example, is one of the world's first open source communications software applications to have implemented the winning algorithm in the encryption key category, CRYSTALS-Kyber. One of the key milestones was the development of a modified version of the standard ZRTP encryption protocol.

About Open Source Experience:
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Practical information for OW2 members:
If you are an OW2 member, please consider joining us and sharing the village to showcase your projects and solutions. The Community village will be ideally located along OSXP main aisle and close from our partners. The illustration below gives an idea of the booth set up. 

The package includes:
- global signage and visibility as an exhibitor (entry on OSXP exhibitor directory)
- individual counter + stool
- the blue carpet
- the generic OW2 visual on partition including OW2 member logos
- individual signage for each booth with member logo and tagline
- a screen
- to be shared: brochure holder and meeting space (table and three chairs)

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