SFSCon 2019

November 15 - 16, 2019

Bolzano, Italy South Tyrol


SFScon 2019
November 15, 2019
Bolzano, Italy South Tyrol


OW2 has been invited to organize an OW2 conference track at SFSCon, one of Europe’s most established annual conferences on Free Software, organized in Italy South Tyrol region. 

Schedule: The OW2 conference track will take place on friday Nov. 15 after the afternoon break. 



OW2 Introduction

- Presentation Title:On FOSS Models and Upcoming Challenges
- Presentation Abstract: Navigating the ever changing world of FOSS can be confusing for developers, entrepreneurs and decision makers. This presentation is about making sense out of the complexity of FOSS, its long-term evolution and identifying the new challenges brought to open source communities as it reaches industry maturity. It can be useful to understand the four models that have been brought to us by FOSS’ 30+ year history: the community model, the enterprise model, the collaborative innovation model and the capitalistic model. As FOSS becomes mainstream and broaden its scope, new challenges emerge. The presentation will discuss six of them: the first concerns free riders, the second is uncontrolled re-use, the third one is SaaS, the fourth challenge is verticalisation, the fifth is from opportunistic foundations and the sixth, last but not least is AI.

- Speaker: Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO. 

Knowage OW2 Project Presentation

- Presentation Title: KNOWAGE: the open source answer to the new needs in data analysis and exploration.
- Presentation Abstract: Knowage is the open source suite for business analytics that satisfies traditional requirements as well as innovative and challenging informative domains, combining traditional data and big data sources into valuable and meaningful information.  Knowage 7.0 comes with great and challenging features that really expand analytics capabilities. Just to mention few of them: data exploration through Solr/ElasticSearch index, native geographical exploration within cockpits and new wizards to faster explore your data.
- Speaker: Grazia Cazzin, Knowage Lab Director. 

FASTEN EU-funded Project Presentation

- Presentation title: "Software Ecosystems as Networks: the FASTEN project"
- Presentation Abstract: A popular form of software reuse involves linking open source software (OSS) libraries hosted on centralized code repositories, such as Maven or PyPI.  The size of such repositories keeps increasing at an astonishing speed, and the network of dependencies among the libraries they host is only a very crude way to reflect the real impact of those dependencies, especially for what concerns bugs and vulnerabilities. It is becoming more and more urgent to develop techniques that aim at analyzing dependencies at a finer level (i.e., at call level). This is precisely the goal of the EU project FASTEN. The purpose is to be able to perform a more sophisticated analysis of security-vulnerability propagation, licensing compliance,  and dependency risk profiles (among others) by relying on the call-level dependency network of the whole software ecosystem.
- Speaker: Paolo Boldi, Full Professor, Milano University

About SFSCon:
The South Tyrol Free Software Conference (SFScon) is an event of international stature that attracts more and more visitors every year from Northern Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

It is an annual conference dedicated to Free Software in South Tyrol that is aimed at the general public, but in particular at decision-makers in the public administration and business worlds. SFScon promotes the use of Free Software in IT infrastructures as a tool to achieve greater innovation and competitiveness in the region.