Journees PERL 2019

June 19 - 22, 2019

Strasbourg, France


Journées PERL 2019
June 19-22, 2019
Strasbourg, France

Venue: Strasbourg University (Atrium) (map)

We're proud to announce that two OW2 projects, the LemonLDAP::NG SSO manager)and the sympa mailing list manager are joining the french perl workshop 2019 (aka Journées perl) to provide talks, hackathons and workshops.  

Both of them are wildly used and beloved OW2 projects. 

If you're interesting in technical topics around projects writen in guile or perl, Don't hesitate to join (and even propose an event): this conference is free, very welcoming.


Feedback from LemonLDAP::NG Hackaton and contributors proposals discussed during the event: 

  • It is not easy to understand how LL::NG works, and what is its goal. We must explain what is SSO, for example with a user story, and how LL::NG implements it.
  • We should do the difference between the "interception" mode (Handler) and "identity provider" mode, which are two different ways to use LL::NG, even if they can be combined.
  • Our documentation is very technical and hard to understand, and we propose a large choice of backends. We should have a first documentation with our best practices, so user do not need to choose between Apache /Nginx, PostgreSQL/..., etc. Then we can have the advanced documentation to use other backends.
  • We need to better explain how to set up High Availibility, what are macros, custom functions, ...
  • Provide an API to edit configuration
  • Provide a "dev" mode in Handler : like we have rules.json for devops Handler, we could have id.json to store a fake identity. In this mode, we don't need any SSO cookie, the Handler will push the identity to the application. This allows a developper to test the Handler on its application.
  • Better communication on new features: if they are "beta" we should warn users so they test it well before using it in production
  • Plugin publication: we could use CPAN as they are Perl modules. Using dzil to manage these modules could ease the development and publication. Else create a "plugins" repository in OW2 gitlab.