Orange awarded "Best Open Source Strategy" by the Acteurs du Libre contest at OSXP

December 13 - 13, 2022



The contest "Acteurs du Libre" is organized every year by the CNLL (French Union of open digital and open source software companies) along with the Open Source Experience event, with the aim to reward open source companies in five categories: best open source strategy, best business success, best responsible and ethical company, best engaged public service, jury special prize. 

We are proud to announce that Orange, OW2 Strategic Member, won the "Best Open Source Strategy" prize in the 2022 edition of the contest. See below the extract of the Press release announcing the prize results. 


The prize for the best open source strategy 2022 is awarded to ORANGE FRANCE for the significant resources deployed since 2017 and results obtained through its "community open source program". Attached to the IT Department, this program implements, in conjunction with the entity managing software purchases from open source companies, a guideline for the "Community Open Source First" software acquisition policy. To support the development of partnerships with the open source ecosystem (e.g. with the open source division of ATOS, with Smile, or even with certain publishers), a real financial engineering is put in place, with specific features such as indicators of performance, an analytical accounting code, a tracing of the gains made, etc. Since 2022, a new governance has also been put in place at the ORANGE GROUP level with OSPOs in the various subsidiaries.


More information about the contest: https://lesacteursdulibre.com/
More information about the Orange prize: https://lesacteursdulibre.com/portfolio/prix-meilleure-strategie/

See the full Press Release announcing the 2022 winners (in French) on Open Source Experience website or download the PDF