Jun 23 2021

The OW2 Quick App initiative, promoting technologies that enables the rapid creation of lightweight applications
that are easy to use, reliable and efficient without installation, is launched today at OW2con’21.

Paris, 23 June 2021 - Today OW2, the international community for open source infrastructure software, launched the OW2 Quick App initiative at its annual OW2con'21 conference. This initiative, open to all OW2 members and non-members alike, is a collective effort to promote, in an open source mode, the Quick App technology, a concrete implementation of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) MiniApp standard. This standard allows advanced services to be made available on mobiles without the need to install an application first.

The OW2 Quick App initiative will be announced online on Wednesday 23 June at 9.45am as part of the annual OW2con’21 conference by Xuemin Wang, Vice-President at Huawei European Research Institute, Christian Paterson, Senior Open Source Strategy Expert at Huawei and Martin Alvarez, Web Standards Manager at Huawei Technologies.

The OW2 Quick App initiative aims to develop dedicated tools and runtime software engines for MiniApp-compliant applications on all platforms, based on advanced UI components and predefined native APIs, e.g. push notifications, Bluetooth, or on-board camera activations.

This new OW2 initiative is led by Huawei, an active proponent of Quick Apps, a member of OW2 and the W3C MiniApp standard working group. Among the first participants in the OW2 Quick App initiative are:

  • FRVR, a game development company that actively uses Quick Apps as a means of application distribution.
  • Alliance Tech, an association that provides a co-creation framework for investors, entrepreneurs, private and public sector leaders, universities and R&D centres, developing use cases.
  • RSI, a new foundation being launched in Switzerland to promote sustainability. RSI focuses on the use of Quick Apps to promote sustainability in areas such as fashion.
  • Famobi, a pioneer in the HTML5 games industry using the latest cross-platform technologies to bring native application quality to the web. The company has been working with Quick Apps since 2019.
  • Santillana,  an education expert in Latin America and Spain creating innovative platforms and digital content.
  • CTIC, the research and innovation centre for smart territories, active ageing and well-being, and industrial digital transformation, is exploring new uses for Quick Apps.

Registration to the OW2con'21 conference is free. See the full programme and join the OW2 Quick App presentation session on 23 June at 9.45am:https://www.ow2con.org/  

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