OW2 Governance


The OW2 governance is driven by the Bylaws of the OW2 Association. The main bodies implementing the OW2 governance include: the Board of Directors, the Management Office, the Technology Council and, of course, the General Assembly. Members pursue the mission of the Association in the framework of Activities, including Projects and Initiatives, and each activity is driven by a Leader. The current page is essentially dedicated to the Board of Directors. For their respective scope and updates, please see the Management Office and the Technology Council pages. Further down on this page:

Election of the Board of Directors

The detailed agenda of the 2020 election of the Board of Directors is published.  Please check out all information and detailed agenda of the 2020 election of the Board of Directors.


Board of Directors

Next meetings of the Board

Date: Thursday March 19, 2020
Time: 09:00Am to 12:30Pm
 This meeting is meant to be attended by Board Members by web-conferencing via the following link:
  Audio Connection:
        +33 1 8288 0188 France
        +33 7 5678 4048 France
        +39 069 480 6488 Italie
        +39 069 926 8001 Italie

Board Members (Year 2019)

Strategic Members

Christian PATERSON

Head of Open Source Governance

Corporate Members Representatives



Pierre LEVY

Jonathan RIVALAN


Individual Members Representative


Chairman of the Board
and President of OW2

Board of Directors Meetings Minutes

General Assembly Reports