OW2 MRL (Market Readiness Levels) introduced at OSPO OnRamp Webinar Series, April 2024

April 19 - 19, 2024



How to select the right open source solution? Get inspired by OW2 MRL!

The OW2 Market Readiness Levels "MRL "methodology is presented in the April 19 webinar organized by OSPO Alliance. 

Date: Friday April 19, from 10:30 to 12:00 CEST. 

Speaker: Antoine Mottier, OW2 CTO. 

The webinar replay is now available!


Market Readiness Level is an OW2 solution that aims at benchmarking open source projects to ease the adoption of mature solutions and identification of new offering.
During this webinar Antoine will give you a tour of MRL. This should allow you to quickly start using it when you need to evaluate an open source software. The conference will also highlight the benefits of the method whether you are involved in the development of a given project or simply as an open source user. We will cover the internal logic of MRL to demystify the MRL score. And finally, we will have a look at the technical architecture of the solution and what we are aiming at for future versions (spoiler: contributions are welcome)!

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