Nov 21 2014

Open Source Week Confirms Open Cloud Significant Growth in Europe, Solutions IT

From 30 October to 7 November 2014, Paris hosted the Open Source Week. That was an opportunity to show the growing influence of open source code in mobile applications and cloud infrastructure in particular.

Several open source projects are already winning in such a way that IT and telecommunication giants are rallying them. This is the case of Hadoop in Big Data, and OpenStack now virtualizing many features and improving network orchestration in its Juno version unveiled in Paris.

"The true open source 's challenge is to transform technical developments in software components actually used by market participants", said Cédric Thomas, OW2 CEO.

Users and providers are looking for interoperable cloud solutions, able to overcome the adherence between applications, platforms and infrastructure.

"For OW2, the solution lies in open standards such as DMTF' OVF protocol (Open Virtualization Format) or Open Grid Forum' OCCI interface (Open Cloud Computing Interface). A project like OpenCloudware, presented at OpenStack Summit, manage the whole lifecycle of applications regardless the underlying cloud technologies. It's ambitious but ultimately it is perfectly feasible", according to Cédric Thomas.

This article in Solutions IT also lists the four open source awards presented at the OW2con'14 annual conference. Read the full article online (French)