Partnership signed between OW2 and DINUM 

January 04 - 04, 2023



We are pleased to announce that we signed a partnership agreement with the French DINUM (interministerial digital department) for the year 2023. 

With this agreement signed for 2023, we will provide French government's DINUM  and public actors with the tools and methodological approaches recommended by OW2 in the context of the professionalization of free software: the MRL tool and the GGI methodology.

Market Readiness Levels

MRL stands for Market Readiness Levels and provides an indicator of professional usability of open source software.
To find more information about MRL, please go to: https://www.ow2.org/view/MRL/

Good Governance Initiative

GGI stands for Good Governance Initiative and is a methodology which helps to set up an Open Source Program Office. This methodology is developed within the OSPO Alliance. 

To find more information about GGI and the OSPO Alliance, please go to: https://ospo.zone/

To read the convention (PDF, in French) : OW2/ DINUM Convention