Mar 16 2021

We are happy to announce a new partnership between our network RIOS (Italian Open-Source Network) and OW2, an independent non-profit French association promoting a business ecosystem based on open source technologies for a global and independent community.

OW2 has always been promoting the development of open-source solutions, from generic enterprise applications to cloud computing platforms, pursuing its mission of promoting a sustainable enterprise ecosystem.

OW2 is devoted to the creation of new technologies, always sustaining the principles of quality and usability of its software in the open-source enterprise market, in order to facilitate its implementation by system integrators and end users.

Cedric Thomas, CEO of OW2, was a guest during the first edition of the Open-Source Week 2020 organized by RIOS, where he described the association’s experience for the creation of an open-source business ecosystem.

OW2 manages a technical infrastructure by providing collaborative solutions and services based on five guide principles: openness, integrity, trust, transparency and independency. An approach in which all the companies of RIOS network fully believe in and apply as well.

The common values, experiences and methods have led RIOS and OW2 to establish a constructive and participatory collaboration to promote the Open approach and achieve growth and development goals.

Stefano Pampaloni, vice-president of RIOS, says the following about it: “This new partnership represents an important opportunity for RIOS to compare notes on an international level. The collaboration with OW2 can help us to grow rapidly, thanks to their great experience and capabilities demonstrated by the results. For our part, we are convinced that we can make a significant contribution thanks to the vitality of the ecosystem of Italian companies that are just waiting to express their full potential.

As a keen supporter of the European open source ecosystem, OW2 is pleased to welcome RIOS as an associate organisation”, said OW2 CEO Cedric ThomasRIOS represents the Italian open source industry and we look forward to developing synergies between both organizations”, he adds.

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