SFScon 2020, November 13-14, Bolzano, Italy and online

November 13 - 14, 2020

Bolzano, Italy


OW2 is invited by our friends at SFScon 2020, to organize a presentation track.  OW2 projects are welcome to submit presentations, contact us as soon as possible if you are interested!

We are also happy to support and sponsor this event. 

Discover the full live streaming of the OW2 track :


1. Open Source ecosystem sustainability: bring the user into the equation

Speaker: Cédric Thomas, OW2

Schedule: 16h40 - 17h00

Abstract: This presentation is about engaging mainstream users for OSS ecosystem sustainability. Open source is becoming mainstream but there are still looming uncertainties about the sustainability of its ecosystem made of some keystone projects and many SMEs. The user is the missing component of the OSS ecosystem’s sustainability. We must put the user back into the equation.

This presentation introduces the Market Readiness Levels index, the OW2 OSS Good Governance initiative and the ReachOut beta-testing platform. three initiatives leveraging the resources and experience of OW2’s European community of open source projects with the ambition to engage mainstream users and make them more comfortable and more committed to the long-term term sustainability and success of the European open source ecosystem.

2. Software Ecosystems as Networks: Advances on the FASTEN project

Speaker: Paolo Boldi, Milano University

Schedule: 17h00 - 17h20 

Abstract: The goal of the EU project FASTEN is being able to perform a more sophisticated analysis of security-vulnerability propagation, licensing compliance,  and dependency risk profiles (among others) by relying on the call-level dependency network of the whole software ecosystem. We outline the purpose and structure of the project, and present some preliminary results.

3. DECODER: a toolbox for exploring, understanding and verifying software

Speaker: Virgile Prevosto, CEA

Schedule: 17h20 - 17h40. 

Abstract: This talk will present the main results of the DECODER H2020 project (https://www.decoder-project.eu). The main goal of the project is to offer a unified platform (the PKM, Persistent Knowledge Monitor) for hosting all kinds of documents related to a given software project, including source code, manuals, bug reports. A variety of tools are interacting with the PKM to fill it with additional information and/or take advantage of information provided by other tools. This includes notably the results of static analyses, program proofs, and test case generation on the one hand, and the extraction of more formal specifications from natural language documents using natural language
processing techniques. Nearly two years after its start, DECODER is finalizing the first prototypes of its main tools and aims at deploying a beta-testing campaign for the final year of the project.

4. Customize your data visualizations with KNOWAGE

Speaker: Davide Vernassa - Engineering Group

Schedule: 17h40 - 18h00. 

Abstract: Knowage is the open source suite for business analytics that satisfies traditional requirements as well as innovative and challenging informative domains, combining traditional data and big data sources into valuable and meaningful information. This talk will provide a general overview of the suite and its capabilities with a special focus on the features that allow the full customization of your analysis. More in detail, the speaker will show how to build a fully customized user experience on your data and information, using the native functions of Knowage together with the embedding of HTML code and R/Python scripts and the application mashup.

About SFScon
The South Tyrol Free Software Conference, SFScon, is one of Europe’s most established annual conferences on Free Software. SFScon promotes the use of Free Software in digital infrastructures as a tool to achieve greater innovation and competitiveness in the region. Here decision-makers and developers meet, learn and get inspired.
The conference will be held on November 13th and 14th 2020 at NOI Techpark in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy.
SFScon 2020 will definitely take place, and if conditions make it necessary, il will move to a virtual event.

Participation is free of charge and registration is available on the events website: https://www.sfscon.it. 

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