Cryptpad, project of month of december

Dec 01 2023



Cryptpad version 5.5.0 is out and the team is preparing the next release 5.6.0 by the end of 2023.

CryptPad is a collaborative office suite that is end-to-end encrypted and open-source. CryptPad is made at XWiki, a company based in Paris, France that has been making open-source software for over 15 years.

CryptPad aims to demonstrate that you can have both collaboration and privacy, at the same time. We offer a full office suite with real-time collaboration, in addition all data is end-to-end encrypted. The people you invite can edit together in real-time while the service and its administrators cannot read any of the content.
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Press & webinar

XWiki CEO Ludovic Dubost was recently interviewed by Website Planet about open-source and the control of "cloud" infrastructure.

David Benqué, Cryptpad project Lead, presented CryptPad at the Open Research Webinar organized by OW2 and Eclipse Foundation on 7th November. This event was recorded so that you can view the replay at your convenience.

CryptPad was also mentionned in the French daily newspaper Le Monde, as part of an article about Les Chatons, a group of 96 French alternative Internet Service Providers and non-profit associations supporting open source software.

What's next

  • Work on supporting Single Sign On with various identity providers
  • Ongoing work on accessibility and mobile support
  • More things to include in the upcoming 5.6.0 release