April 2024: OCS Inventory

Apr 02 2024



OSC Inventory recent news

OCS Inventory has recently undergone several developments that have impacted the open source project. The functional scope of OCS Inventory, historically focused on asset management, has been expanded to exploit its agents and further enhance the value of the IT park, through different perspectives.

The development of the OCS Inventory CVE Search module addresses CVE vulnerabilities, which represent security flaws that can compromise the confidentiality and integrity of information present in the IT park.

A GreenIT plugin has also been developed to map the power consumption of IT equipment and allow the evaluation of the energy costs of the IT infrastructure. This is a step towards the ecological management of the IT park.

Finally, we are currently working on a rework of OCS Inventory. This substantive work aims to modernize and streamline the operation of the tool, in order to offer an even more efficient user experience.

OCS Inventory Public Events

We plan to participate in:

CoTer Numérique Conference, which will be held in La Rochelle on June 4-5, 2024. A major event for French local authorities.

Open Expo Europe, which will take place in Madrid on June 13th. You can meet us at the Open Source exhibitor village.

Current Use Cases


Michelin. A full-scale security pentest has been orchestrated by Michelin in order to make our software more secure, our partnership helped us to improve the security guidelines we had during our development process. They actively contributed to the software's roadmap by sending their feedback, ideas to our team. These contributions are an illustration of their commitment to open-source. We greatly improved the deployment and installation process of the inventory agent on some operating systems.


Indiana university bloomington. Thanks to their expertise and investment we managed to publish our first kubernetes implementation for OCS Inventory. Some recent plugins such as the firewall configuration retrieval and listening port inventory have been made in collaboration with the university. We also worked to improve the CVE inventory module of OCS in software and vulnerability detection by rewriting a part of the detection engine.

MRL Market Readiness Level Score

MRL89.jpgWith an established customer base of mainstream users, OCS Inventory is an established outsider in its market (MRL Level 8). The software is recognized. It is supported by an appropriate financing and an active community.