Telosys, project of month of november

Nov 01 2023



Telosys version 4.1.0 is available.Telosys is a lightweight code generator designed to reduce developers workload and to bootstrap any kind of project. This new release includes Kotlin as a new predefined target language, new annotations for the model, and  new objects in the templates, generation in batch mode.

The key principles of Telosys are:

  • Lightweight and simple (easy to use, short learning curve, no UML model)
  • Free / Open source
  • Flexibility and adaptability (generate exactly the code you want)
  • Independence from the tool (no lock-in)
  • IDE independent

Telosys is multi-targets, it can be used to generate code for any programming language with any type of framework and database.

The project entities are defined in a "model" based on text files according to a fairly simple grammar (you just need a text editor to create/update a model).

The template engine used to generate the code is Velocity (well known Apache tool). Telosys is the ideal tool to get your project "on rails" while respecting your conventions and best practices. Telosys is a powerful code generator that can save developers time and effort. Its highly customizable templates and support for multiple technologies make it an ideal choice for developers who work across different technology stacks. With Telosys, developers can automate the tedious and repetitive tasks of coding and focus on the core of their application logic.
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