Strategy Goal : Open Source as a Corporate Strategy

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With this Goal the enterprise embraces the full potential of OSS. It proactively uses OSS for innovation and competitiveness. It leverages OSS as an enabler of digital transformation and digital sovereignty. C-level open source awareness is achieved.


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TED Talk - Charles Leadbeater: The era of open innovationCharles Leadbeater explains collaborative creativity - showing that innovation isn't just for professionals anymore, but now comes from the ground up.
"Passionate amateurs, using new tools, are creating products and paradigms that companies can't."
L'open source comme enjeu de souveraineté numériqueCédric Thomas, OW2 CEO, Workshop at Orange Labs, Paris, January 28, 2020 PDF
Open Source Guides For The EnterpriseA series of guides to manage Open-Source within the enterprise, by the Linux Foundation.Web page
Open GovernanceChecklist and references for Open GovernanceWeb page
Key Challenges of Mainstream Open SourceCedric Thomas' presentation at Paris Open Source SummitPresentation
In Open Source we TrustOrange CIO Thierry Souche at OW2con'17 on open source as a cultural change.Video

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Suggested content

Case studies in OSS strategic advantage

  • Process innovation objective
  • Business sovereignty objectives
  • IT efficiency objectives

Company specific topics

  • Internal tooling
  • Internal processses
  • Management awareness

Certification – Competence acknowledgement

  • Needed to become "certified" (even if only internal to <company>) in a compliance "officer role
  • Open source compliance certificate recognized by (or progressively common within) Europe ? "I am Open Source certified, level compliance officer, by OW2 / Inno3 / FSFe / Eclipse / ... "