Usage Goal: Basic Skills in Using Open Source Software

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This Goal is about using OSS and competences in using OSS. It covers technical ability and experience with OSS. Plus developing some understanding and awareness of OSS.


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Open Source development scenarii explained with a cookie receipie sharing example, by Intel SoftwareOpen Source development, with features, branches, forks explained with Grandma May's cookie recipe sharing example.
Fun and made very easy to understand.
7 myths about open sourcing your company's softwareDebunking most common myths about open source adoption, by opensource.comWeb page
Free and open-source softwareThe Wikipedia page on free and open source software.Web page
Introduction to OSSA rather dated introduction to OSS by IPR ACADEMYVideo
The Open Source DefinitionDefinition of open source by the Open Source InitiativeWeb page
Introduction to open source business modelsA broad overview of key OSS concepts. Key people, licenses, it even touches on open source hardware.Presentation
What is open source?An introduction to open source by opensource.comWeb page

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General introduction

  • Macro benefits Technical, ...
  • Understand the main forces at work ???
  • Some high-profile use cases Plus examples of use within <company>
  • Philosophy of the Open Source initiators Create a worldwide asset (useless to re-invent the wheel, The distribution and dissemination of the Knowledge, A consequence of the importance of the Software asset is the Software heritage foundation that aims to protect this software asset (, It's important to understand these principles, otherwise people think that Open Source is just about downloading a free (zero cost) software, or making cost reduction.
  • License recognition bodies An Open Source  Software is a Software having a license recognized by the FSF or OSI. The other types of license are not considered as "Open Source" to prevent the "Open Washing"

Some definitions

  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • License Agreement (contract vs. license copyright)

Business models introduction

  • Non-profit community-based, enterprise-based
  • For-profit enterprise-based