Level 4: Engaging with the OSS Ecosystem

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This level develops the corporate perspective. Contributing back to open source projects and supporting open source communities. Developing project visibility: communicating and participating in open source industry and community events. At this level, the enterprise engages with the OSS ecosystem and contributes to its sustainability.


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How to Support Open Source Projects NowA short page with ideas on funding open source projectsWeb page

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Ecosystem stakeholders

  • Foundations (that pay people to do work): FSF, ASF, Eclipse, Mozilla
  • Organization & communities -> OW2, ...
  • Distributors: Redhat, CentOS Linux, Debian, Canonical UBUNTU, CoreOS, CentOS
  • Editors (enterprise licenses vs. community editions)
  • Integrators
    • Model without Editor 
    • Model with Editor
  • Cloud actors
  • Equipment manufacturers (cost cutting vs. upstream innovation and influence ...)
  • Communication Service Providers

Business models

  • Dual licensing ex. community addition is AGPL, enterprise edition "removes" the "share" conditions.
  • Dual product model ex. open core
  • Open Source Professional services
  • Additional functions (is this open core?), patches ahead of public, patches back-ported to prior versions (ex. Oracle Java)

Myths & Stories

  • Quality
  • Security
  • OSS Licensing and Legal Issues
  • Support

Funding open source projects

  • Best practices
  • Experience sharing