Culture Goal: Belonging to the Open Source Community at Large


This Goal is concerned with developing an OSS culture that will help implementing best practices. It's about being part of the open source community, sharing experience. And being recognized. An individual perspective.


Feel free to contribute for the benefit of all. Check out how to contribute.




What is Upstream and Downstream in Software Development?A crystal clear explanation.Web page
European Commission 2020-2023 OSS Strategy EC presented their open source strategy: adopting the OSS mindset and setting up an OSPO.PDF
How to contribute to open sourceA cool overview signed by "GitHub and friends"Web page
Making the Business Case for Contributing to Open SourceTobie Langel's presentation at OW2con'19Presentation
What is an open source strategist? A nice post by OSI Board Member Josh Simmons with a perspective on what OSPO is about. Web page

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Suggested content

Contributing to open source

  • Personal and Professional contributions to Open Source
  • CLA vs. DCO (
  • Is Open Source collaboration compatible with NDAs and audience restricted partnerships / organisations ?
  • Working with GitHub
  • Best practice and good behaviour when contributing
  • Controlling and measuring contribution "at scale" within large organisations
  • Flip-side : how to manage contributions being proposed for your project (copyright and IP implications etc.)

OSS Projects guidelines

  • What to expect when contributing to an existing project ?
  • What to include in a new projects' general contribution guidelines
  • Implications on suppliers (who is responsible for what)
  • Packaging multiple components with different license regimes

OSS Project monitoring

  • OSS project metrics
  • Open source project best practices checklist
  • OSS project market readiness