December 2023 Newsletter



[OW2 Newsletter - December 2023 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

This month is a busy one: we are focused on events, more than ever.

The most prominent is "Open Source Experience" (OSXP) Paris, December 6 and 7: OW2 and many of our community members will be present.

OW2 has a keynote there, Dec. 7 at 9:50 AM CET, room Passy, to announce what is probably the most important funding effort ever for the European FOSS community: NGI0 Commons Fund, 27 millions of EU NGI (Next Generation Internet) funding, 80% of it redistributed to somewhat 300 projects in the next 3 years across continuous open calls, open to all.
OW2 is in charge of the community building, while NLnet leads the initiative. And it will start... immediately!

Should you miss the keynote, just catch up by meeting us on booth H24 we share with three members: the city of Paris with their "CiteLibre" project, XWiki and Waarp. We'll also promote the current EU NGI Search project: next open call starts in January 2024, one more occasion to fuel your project!

Another event I would like to mention is OW2Con'24, June 11/12 in Paris, kindly hosted by Orange: the CfP is open now, until February 25, do not miss the opportunity of proposing a talk - and whatever the outcome, remember that the most important part of OW2Con is networking: join us, it is friendly and free.

Last but not least, OW2 also organizes a regional event in France, hosted by the City of Echirolles, together with our local member Belledonne Communications: It is called AlpOSS, and scheduled on March 21st, 2023. Local FOSS actors may also apply for a talk, or sponsor the event.

So many annouces this month... and still much work to be done, then I will keep it short!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas,

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter

Project News

 Project Updates

  • CryptPad: version 5.5.0 is out and now is time for planning 5.6.0. To follow 5.6.0 roadmap and development you can take a look at GitHub CryptPad project. Also a community translation program is now official including free plans on for contributors. More.
  • AuthzForce: version 21.0.0 was released bringing Java 17 support (and dropping Java 11 support). This new release also brings changes in the authzforce-ce-pdp-testutils module. More.
  • Jeka: published 10 releases over the last month with a lot of improvements and polishing. The current 0.10.xx series will, hopefully, be the latest one prior to 1.0.0 release. More.
  • PrestaShop is working on the next 8.1 patch release getting a lot of feedback from the community. PrestaShop 9 is also under active development and will include a new API. More.
  • Lutece core 7.0.10 is out with several improvements and bug fixes. More.
  • FusionDirectory 1.4 is available! It includes an updated user interface, a new filtering feature, a workflow engine, email templating and many new plugins! More.
  • XWiki: development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 15.10. This release adds improvements for the recently added Required Rights Analysis feature. There are also improvements on the What's New Application side, for better accessibility. For developers, it's now possible to define a caching strategy for pre-edit checks. As usual, this release comes with a bunch of bugs and security fixes. More.
  • Rocket.Chat published several patch versions for 6.4 series fixing various issues including ones related with oAuth and also fix performance issue with registerGuest Widget API Call. More.
  • GLPI released new versions for several components including form creator, GLPI Agent, GLPI Agent for Android and GLPI Agent Toolbox plugin. More.
  • LemonLDAP::NG: 2.17.1 is out fixing a logout issue and an issue with Userinfo that sometimes does not return attributes. More.
  • Waarp will be on OW2 stand at Paris Opensource Experience event. This is the perfect occasion to learn more about latest evolution of Waarp including the support of PeSIT file transfer protocol. More.
  • LDAP Tool Box released Self Service Password 1.5.4. This is a minor release fixing some bugs in 1.5 version including a vulnerability on SMS code hijack. More.
  • BlueMind: share in a blog post their views on how digital workplaces are evolving from "replacing email" to "better integration with email". More.

Project of the month


CryptPad is a collaborative office suite that is end-to-end encrypted and open-source. The team is currently working hard on enterprise features such as Single Sign On support, instance management, and cloud deployment. Some of these will be included in the upcoming 5.6.0 release. More.

Community News

OSPO Alliance OnRamp Webinar on December 17




Don't miss the next OnRamp webinar, with an OSPO story from Trinity College, University of Dublin, on Dec. 17 at 10:30 CET. For more information about the OSPO Alliance, visit OW2 booth #H24 at OSXP. More.

Open Source Experience, Dec. 6-7, Paris




AlpOSS, March 21, 2024, Grenoble (Echirolles)




If you are located in the area of Grenoble (south-east France), save the date! We are co-organizing with the City of Echirolles and Belledonne Communication a new conference on open source. More

OW2con'24, June 11-12, 2024, Paris-Châtillon




We are glad to announce the opening of OW2con'24 Call for Presentations. We will highlight this year "OSS financing" as the main theme of the CFP, although we will of course consider all open source related proposals. More

OW2 Community Notice




The next meeting of the OW2 Board of Directors will take place on Friday December 15. Learn more about OW2 governance. More.

Job Corner




We are glad to share with you several dozens of jobs offered by OW2 members at alter way, FactorFX, OpenStudio, Prestashop, Worteks,XWiki, BlueMind and Engineering Group (jobs located mostly in Italy).

In the OW2 Ecosystem


Discover in preview the OpenStudio white paper on "perspectives and visions of OpenSource players" written with the help of OW2. Join the OW2 booth #H24 at OSXP to get a voucher for your free pre-sale copy. 


Discover a Christmas tale about free software, a popular comic strip for youngsters. An end-of-year gift available as a group purchase or online. More


The winners of the Acteurs du Libre open source contest will be revealed during Open Source Experience, Dec. 6 at 01:15pm. More


Follow the latest updates on the topic "Open Source AI: Establishing a common ground" launched by OSI. More

In our Research Projects




Listen to 11 podcasts presenting the innovations developped by NGI Search beneficiary projects. More.




The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.



More information coming soon about OW2 presence at FOSDEM.


We will launch early 2024 a new event series "OW2 Open Source Webinars" dedicated to open source innovations and open source funding opportunities, through the NGI European programme. Stay tuned!


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