The OW2 OSAi initiative projects are distributed in seven domains:

  1. Guidelines and best practices
    Design methodologies (development, implementation), accessibility criteria and evaluation methodologies for testing accessible digital products and services
    AcceDeWeb, AcceDePDF, Accessibility guidelines, Developer Guide
  2. Measuring and auditing tools
    Solutions to increase the accessibility of digital products, to ensure that web sites or software meet accessibility requirements and to measure it over time.
    Observatoire, Tanaguru
  3. Training
    Solutions and materials to help education and awareness of accessibility, especially digital accessibility.
    AcceDe online training, mDAN (Digital Accessibility Demonstrator for mobile)
  4. Tools for communication
    Solutions to improve accessibility in communication and telecommunication.
  5. Development tools
    Solutions to give accessible frameworks to developers (to help them to take into account accessibility needs and criteria)
    Boosted, Kawa
  6. Accessible user interfaces
    Solutions to facilitate the use of digital software or hardware
    Confort+ (in French), Universal access PC
  7. Positioning, navigating and mobility
    Solutions to increase the ability to navigate in any environment, indoor or outdoor
    HMOVE, Ocara, Wegoto

More links will appear soon, as accessibility projects are joining the OW2 codebase.