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The OW2 OSAi is the Open Source Accessibility initiative launched in May 2016 to build synergies between OW2 members and the larger community around open and compliant digital solutions for people with physical or cognitive difficulties. With 17 projects identified, mDAN being the first to join the OW2 marketplace, OSAi seeks to simplify technology integration between open source accessibility enablement and management software.

Initiative participants

OSAi is spearheaded by Orange, one of the world's leading telecommunication operators, which has secured the initial participants in the initiative. These include DINSIC, the IT and Digital Agency of the French Government, La Poste, the French postal service company, Worldline the European leader in payment and transaction services, Smile, a leading European integrator of open source solutions, digital accessibility agency Océane Consulting and eAccessibility consulting firm Atalan. Additional contributors and international participants can be found in the Participants page.
Check the latest June 2017 OW2 OSAi Press Release.

Initiative projects

Welcome message from the Chairman

Accessibility is a fundamental right, a common need shared by all enterprises. 

- Christian Paterson, OSAi Chairman and Head of Open Source Governance at Orange



In this video, Christian Paterson presents the economical and demographic context in which the OSAi initiative has been launched, at OW2con'16 Paris, 22 Sep. 2016. He also looks forward to leveraging OW2's open source community model to collectively explore accessibility research and application domains.

Next OSAi meeting point

OSAi participants are invited to join OW2con'24 breakout session.
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