September 2021 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - September 2021 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

With the European Commission now publishing its Horizon Europe calls for projects, this is the time for seizing new opportunities. OW2 is an experienced partner with a spotless track record spanning 10 years and 14 projects. OW2 supports research projects by setting up and maintaining their collaboration and development infrastructures, defining and implementing their communication and dissemination activities, developing their exploitation plans and market analysis and assisting with open source guidance and community building. Check out OW2's collaborative project capabilities and contact us if you are involved in preparing a Horizon Europe proposal. We're here to help. Think open source software for the outcome of your collaborative project and call on OW2 as your Dissemination and Exploitation partner!

Concerning the European Commission, the report on the impact of open source on the European economy of which we had a preview at OW2con has just been published. The study finds that open source software contributes between €65 to €95 billion to the European Union’s GDP, comparable to the textile or electrical equipment industries! It should now be clear that open source more than deserves a full-fledged industrial policy of its own.

On another note, we are pleased to welcome new Corporate Member Centreon, a global provider of a popular and well-proven open source, business-oriented IT infrastructure monitoring solution.

Thanking you for your on-going support.

Cedric Thomas


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

New Members

Centreon: with a global footprint of more than 200,000 users, Centreon joins OW2 to grow the community of its open source IT infrastructure monitoring solutions and develop its international network of installation partners.


Project News

Project Updates

  • Rocket.Chat: released version with enterprise features and many improvements. More.
  • XWiki: the new version recently released (13.7) gives a focus on developer tools. More.
  • Sympa: Sympa Community announces a new beta of the next version 6.2.65 beta 2. Please install it to test and report bugs. More.
  • LSC: New release LSC 2.1 with corrections and new features. More.
  • LemondLDAP::NG: New release version 2.0.13 with a fix for a blocking issue in 2.0.12 and other improvements. More.
  • GLPI: New bugfixes release of Formcreator is available: version 2.12.1. More.
  • Authzforce: New version 17.1.2 with sources, binaries and Javadoc available for download on Maven Central Repository. More.

Project of the month

XWiki is a professional wiki that has powerful extensibility features such as scripting in pages, plugins and a highly modular architecture. With a Market Readiness Level at 8, it benefits from a position of established outsider in its market. XWiki won the OW2 Best Project Community Award in 2019. More.


Community News

Open Research Webinar Series, Online

ActiveEon and Capra projects will be highlighted on Tuesday September 28. This event series is organized in cooperation with the Eclipse Foundation to introduce european software research projects. Register now! More.

EclipseCon, October 24-28, Online

OW2 CTO Antoine Mottier will present the FASTEN Dependency Management solution at EclipseCon, on Oct. 27 at 16:50pm. More.

Open Source Experience (OSXP), November 9-10, Paris

We are pleased to announce that OW2 members XWiki and FusionDirectory will be co-exhibitors on our community booth. One pod is still available. Contact us quickly if you are interested. More.

SFScon, November 12-13, Bolzano

OW2 is partner of this year's South Tyrol Free Software Conference and coordinates a conference track. Contact us if you would like to submit a proposal. More.

ReachOut test{fest} Second Phase

Win recognition and money prizes! The second test{fest} competition runs through October 31st. Business users and developers are invited to try new software and give their feedback online. More.

OW2 Good Governance initiative

The OW2 Good Governance initiative is progressing with scorecards and methodology, while the OSPO Alliance attracts new supporters such as Microsoft, Engineering, Orange and Red Hat. More.

OW2 Market Readiness Levels (MRL)

The MRL project assessment methodology is a business-oriented approach to open source projects unique to OW2. Some 22 projects across our code base are now assessed. Check them out! More.

ElixirConfEU, 9-10 Sept, Warsaw

At ElixirConfEU 9-10 Sept. Jean Parpaillon, Chairman of the board and President of OW2, will highlight the usefulness of the OW2 MRL, during his talk about Nerves, a major IoT framework. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

OW2 is partner of this second edition of B-Boost open source conference co-organized by French open source regional cluster NAOS and the CNLL on October 14-15 in La Rochelle, France . More.


The European Commission published a study on the impact of open source software (OSS) and open source hardware (OSH) on the European economy, conducted by Fraunhofer ISI and OpenForum Europe. Full report.


OW2 project GLPI is proud to announce that GLPI ITSM solution is now supported in Switzerland through a new Silver Partnership with d-factos SA. More.

In our Research Projects

Try new software tools on your PC from the DECODER software menu. Join DECODER designers at OSXP and SFScon. More.


Check out this new demo video to understand how FASTEN can solve modern dependency management issues.

OW2 Community Notice


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on September 23. More.



EGI, October 19 - 21, Online

The EGI Conference 2021 will take place from October 19th until 21st. The conference theme is: “Beyond the Horizon: Shaping the Digital Future”. The call for abstract is open until August 9th, 23:59 CEST.

DeVoxx France, Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, Paris and DeVoxx Belgium

Devoxx France initially scheduled for the end of June seems to be confirmed from September 29 to October 1 as a full real-life event. Devoxx Belgium has been cancelled and postponed to 2022.


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