October 2022 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - October 2022 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

Sovereignty is the buzzword of this autumn. EU governments had missed the train of sovereignty on energy, health, industry, food supplies... and were close to miss it on IT and cloud computing. Then came the Covid and Ukraine crises, bringing us back to fundamentals: we need to trust ourselves, stay close to our values and lifestyle, talk and work together. We are Europeans.

OW2 had always been advocating for European open source, and a European way of thinking software and IT. Now our ideas gain momentum, and we'll stand by those with a similar message.

We are part of Euclidia cloud alliance, and were present in Brussels at EuclidiaNow event to defend our point and help politicians and decision makers understand open source challenges.
We support as much as we can the OSPO Alliance we co-founded, and try to make it shine in EU countries: OW2 authored the French translation of OSS Good Governance handbook, edits the German version as well. And we do our best to bring new actors share their OSPO experience, like MAIF mutual insurance group at OSPO OnRamp free webinar on Oct. 21, or Thales joining OSPO Alliance and soon sharing their insights as well.

We believe open source awareness and generalization is the propagation medium of a sovereign, safe and sustainable IT: if we can't predict what the next disruption will be, at least we can make it possible, and help driving it to the right path.

So, wishing to meet and/or join us? OW2 will be present at Open Source Experience (OSXP) Paris, November 8 and 9. We have a booth and take part in round tables and talks, many actors of our community will be there as well: you are welcome!

Thanking you for your on-going support,

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project Updates

  • LDAP Tool Box published version 1.5.0 of Self Service Password with new features such as improved check of SSH keys, Kerberos authentication on LDAP server and a lot more including updated translations and bug fixes. More.
  • Rocket.Chat: released version 5.1.0 with a long list of new features and improvements including: a new home page, capabilities to search visitors by custom fields and a lot of more! More.
  • LemonLDAP::NG version 2.0.15 is out bringing security fixes and improvements such as packages for RHEL / CentOS / Alma Linux / Rocky Linux 9, support of OpenID Connect Refresh Tokens, support of custom captcha module and more. More.
  • GLPI 10.0.3 fixes several security vulnerabilities and brings also improvements such as more precise rights checks on inventory, prevent collector failure on invalid mail header and many fixes on network inventory. More.
  • XWiki: released version 14.8 RC1. This release candidate include a refactoring of links and attachments at farm level, attachments list if now using LiveData. This version also includes security fixes and several other improvements for developers and administrators. More.

Project of the month

LemonLDAP:NG is a modular WebSSO (Single Sign On) implementing CAS, SAML and OpenID Connect protocols. LemonLDAP won the 2014 and 2018 OW2 Best Project Community Award. More.

Community News

Conference Euclidia Now!, September 29, Brussels

We were happy to be part of this first and successful event organized by Euclidia (European Cloud Industrial Alliance), gathering more than 50 attendees from the industry, the European and political open source ecosystems. The replay is available. More.

Open Source Experience, November 8-9, Paris

We look forward to meet the community soon in Paris on our shared booth with FusionDirectory, Morphemic and XWiki members. The NGI-Search H2020 European project will also be showcased. More.

SFScon 2022, November 11-12, Bolzano and online

The South Tyrol Free Software Conference is hybrid this year again. The agenda of the OW2 conference track on Nov. 11 pm is under construction, contact us if you would like a speaking slot. More.

Open Research Webinar Series, Online

The next episode #8 of the joint OW2 and Eclipse webinar will be on January 24, 16:00 CET. Save the date! More.

Good Governance Initiative (GGi) and OSPO Alliance

We are currently working on a revamping of GGI and OSPO Alliance logo, branding and website. Don't miss the GGI talk at EclipseCon Europe 2022. More.

Quick App Initiative (QAi)

The Quick App initiative will be presented at next SFScon.

OW2 Community Notice

The next OW2 Board meeting will be held on December 16, at 9:30am CET remotely. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

EclipseCon Europe will take place on Oct. 24-27, in Ludwigsburg, including the face-to-face Eclipse SAAM on Cloud on Oct. 25. More.

In our Research Projects

NGI Search was introduced at the Euclidia event and will be presented on October 11 at the 4th International Open Source Symposium. More.


The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.


Fosdem 23, February 4-5 2023, Brussels

FOSDEM 2023 has been announced and will take place physically again this year! We will submit soon for a talk and a booth.

OW2con'23, June 14-15, 2023, Paris-Châtillon

Save the dates for the next OW2 Annual Conference! Many thanks to OW2 Strategic member Orange for hosting us again in its Paris-Châtillon Innovation Center. The CFP will open in December.


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