March 2022 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - March 2022 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

Last month, I had the pleasure of introducing Pierre-Yves Gibello who, as of April, will be OW2’s CEO. This is therefore my farewell newsletter.

Launching and leading OW2 over the past 15 years has been an extraordinary journey. And what a pleasure and privilege it has been to meet and work with so many inspiring people in the FLOSS ecosystem!

I am proud of what we, the team, the board of directors and our members have achieved at OW2. As an organisation and a community, we have made a significant contribution to the growth of open source software and ensuring its recognition as indispensable to the software industry. As open source is adopted across all sectors of the economy, new expectations are now emerging. Our unique code base of enterprise-ready open source software, the Market Readiness Levels methodology, the Good Governance initiative, and OW2con are OW2’s main contributions to addressing these new challenges.

All I wish is for OW2 to continue to progress in its role as a catalyst for social and business interaction, while remaining true to its core principles and values: Openness, Fairness, Trust, Transparency and Independence.

The final word goes to the OW2 Management Office. I thank you all for your dedication and continued efforts.

My thanks to each and everyone of you for your on-going support during the past 15 years. Keep OW2 thriving!

Cedric Thomas


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

Project News

Project Updates

  • AuthzForce: versions 18.0.0 and 19.0.0 were released bringing new features such as better support of multiple decision profile, fix of some XACML 3.0 limitation and more. Note that some migration steps are required and some APIs changed. More.
  • Rocket.Chat: published a maintenance release of version 4.4 fixing OAuth related issue and also published a series of 4.5.0 release candidates bringing new features such as VoIP Support for Omnichannel and a set of bug fixes. More.
  • XWiki: publish a maintenance version of the 13 branch (LTS) and released version 14.1 that adds support for displaying images from the page content in a lightbox. This versions also introduce the support of HTML5 in various places. More.
  • BlueMind: shared in a blog post some highlight of the threading option to better organize your inbox. If you are a BlueMind user and didn't yet use this feature this is a must read! More.
  • GLPI: published a second release candidate for version 10. This version brings a new modern UI using Boostrap, and Twig, provides native automatic inventory, refresh the GANTT and reservations view and more. More.
  • LemonLDAP::NG: version 2.0.14 is out!. Is version fix two minors security issues and brings several improvment such as WebAuthn standard for second factor authentication (2FA), risk based authentication and a lot more. More.

Project of the month

Lutece logo

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is an open source middleware featuring Programming, Scheduling and Resourcing tools for parallel, distributed and multi-core computing. ProActive won the 2017 OW2 Best Project Innovation Award and reaches today an MRL score of 8. More.


Community News

New OW2 CEO announced

Discover the Press Release announcing the upcoming change of OW2 CEO and the interview of both present and future CEOs, Cédric Thomas and Pierre-Yves Gibello. More.  

Open Research Webinar Series, May 3, Online

Join the next episode of Open Research Webinar proposed by OW2 and Eclipse on May 3 at 16:00 CET. Discover MORPHEMIC and Eclipse POOSL projects. More.

OW2con'22, June 8-9, 2022

The CFP deadline has been extended to March 13. Last chance to send your proposal! We are very pleased to announce our first OW2con'22 sponsors: Centreon, Huawei, Rocket.Chat and Worteks. More.

OW2con'22 Best Project Award Contest

The OW2con'22 Best Project Award Contest is launched! Take this opportunity to showcase your project and benefit from enhanced recognition in the OW2 community. Apply now! More.

Quick App Initiative (QAi) new presentation

Interested by Quick Apps and the Initiative? Discover this new short (18 slides) and easily digestible document. Feel free to share with your colleagues. More.

Cloud Datacenter + Infra conference, June 29-30, Paris

We are planning a physical presence at this conference with an OW2 track on June 29PM and 30AM, with possibly a Social Event on June 29 evening. Contact us if you would be interested by sharing a community booth. More.

OW2 Community Notices

The OW2 board and chairperson elections are beeing held from February 1 to March 17, 2022 and our General Assembly on March 30, 2022. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

New great XWiki use case presented at the Silicon Week conference, March 16 at 2PM, by F. Meyer, Director of the CNFPT (French national center for the territorial public service) Digital Services. More.


The next meeting of the OSPO OnRamp series co-founded by OW2 will take place March 18. The series provide useful basic content and knowledge on how to set up an Open Source Program Office. More.


LemonLDAP::NG, the Web Single Sign On and Access Management Free Software, has a new website, check it out! More.


BlueMind and Xwiki will participate in the Collaborative Open Source Village with Systematic Hub OpenSource at DigitWorkplace in Paris, 23-24 March 2022. More.


Open Expo Europe Virtual Experience 2022 will take place on June 8 to 11. Registration is open.

In our Research Projects

The DECODER platform will soon join the OW2 code base with CEA List LSL as project manager. More.


The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release. More.


With more than 100 participants, the FOSDEM Devroom on Software Composition Analysis and Dependency management was a large success. See the videos. More.



OW2 will organise a community booth at next Open Source Experience, from November 8-9, 2022, in Paris. Save the date!


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