April 2022 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - April 2022 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

This is my first newsletter as CEO of OW2: I would first thank former CEO Cédric Thomas for 15 years leading OW2, and our President, Jean Parpaillon, so helpful during the transition. You made OW2 what it is now, and built the team that will bring it further, I am so proud to be part of.

I am not the only newbie on board: as of April 4, OW2 has a new SysAdmin, Alban Espié-Guillon, so we are fully staffed to accomplish our duties. Welcome Alban, and warm thanks to our CTO, Antoine Mottier, for the interim!

So, a new era opens up: no revolution, OW2 remains dedicated to promoting professional open source and taking care of its members and their projects. But we will keep innovating step by step, as our mission requires, as we always did, considering tradition part of the ultimate avant-garde.

Among breaking news, OW2 just released a paperback edition of the Open Source Good Governance Handbook, elaborated in partnership with OSPO.zone (also available there for free download): it makes us a technical book editor, with a set of ISBNs available for further publications. Anyone with a good idea of technical open source book, like some project user manual? Let us know!

Also, a quick update about our community: PrestaShop, the famous open source e-commerce solution, joins OW2 as a new member and new project! And we are happy to announce another new project in our code base: Mercator, an open source Information System Mapping solution and webapp.

Last, in June, we will run the OW2con'22 conference: virtual again this year (June 8-9), but followed by a real-life event in Paris, to celebrate our 15-year anniversary, June 29-30. Save the date, you are welcome, and we are impatient to meet our community again after two years of pandemic! Stay tuned at ow2con.org.

Thanking you for your on-going support, and looking forward to meeting you,

My thanks to each and everyone of you for your on-going support during the past 15 years. Keep OW2 thriving!

Pierre-Yves Gibello


PS: Project leaders: Please use your project dashboard to publish your updates. Your news will appear on our Project Marketplace home page and in this newsletter.

New Members

PrestaShop is the leading open-source ecommerce solution in Europe and Latin America. PrestaShop is joining OW2 to reaffirm its engagement in the open source movement and take it to the next level with its community.

Project News

Project Updates

  • GLPI: with version 10 coming in a few weeks, a video has been published to provide answers to frequents questions about migration path from previous versions to version 10. More.
  • XWiki: released version 14.2 that adds support for attachments usage refactoring (pages using the moved attachment are now automatically updated) and client-side PDF Export. More.
  • PrestaShop: versions and fix several (more than 30) bugs and provide improvement for example on the email theme. More.
  • AuthzForce: versions 20.0.0 and 20.1.0 were released bringing new features such as XPath variables in AttributeSelectors and XPath expressions can now be defined by XACML VariableDefinitions. Also a security vulnerability in a dependency has been fixed. More.
  • Rocket.Chat: published several maintenance versions of branch 4.5 including a fix for several issues realted to new direct message and a bunch of fix for the VoIP feature introduce in version 4.5.0. More.

Project of the month

ASM is an all purpose Java bytecode manipulation and analysis framework. Because it was designed and implemented to be as small and as fast as possible, it is well suited for use in dynamic systems (but can of course be used in a static way too, e.g. in compilers). More.


New Project

Mercator Mercator is a web application allowing to manage the mapping of an information system as described in the "Mapping The Information System Guide" of the ANSSI. More.


Community News

PrestaShop joining OW2

We are very pleased to welcome the leading open source e-commerce solution. Read this great article by Antoine Thomas, PrestaShop open source evangelist (French). More.  

Open Research Webinar Series, May 3, Online

Join the next episode of Open Research Webinar proposed by OW2 and Eclipse on May 3 at 16:00 CET. Discover MORPHEMIC and Eclipse POOSL projects. More.

OW2con'22, June 8-9, 2022, online

The CFP is over now, thanks a lot to all submitters who enabled us to set up a great and intensive program of around 40 presentations, check it out! A big thank you to our sponsors for their support: Centreon, City of Paris, Engineering, FactorFX, Huawei, Microsoft, Morphemic, NGI-Pointer, Only Office, PrestaShop, Rocket.Chat, Worteks. More.

OW2con'22 Best Project Award Contest

OW2 Project leaders: Take this opportunity to showcase your project and apply before the May 22 deadline! The ceremony will take place in Paris on June 29. More.

OW2con'22 15 Year Anniversary, June 29-30, Paris

As the face-to-face part of OW2con'22, the 15 Year Anniversary will include : a conference session in parallel of Cloud Datacenter + Infra symposium, the OW2 Best Project Award ceremony and a Social Event on June 29 evening. We hope to see you there! More.

Cloud Datacenter + Infra conference, June 29-30, Paris

We are preparing a community booth at Paris Expo, where OW2 members can meet public and private organisation IT decision makers. Contact us if you would be interested to join. More.

Open Source Experience, November 8-9, Paris

OW2 will organise a community booth at next Open Source Experience, from November 8-9, 2022, in Paris. Contact us if you are interested! More.

OW2 Good governance Initiative (GGi)

We are very proud to announce the availability of the first Good governance handbook paperback version in major global retailers such as Lulu or Amazon.

Quick App Initiative (QAi) at OW2con'22

The OW2 Quick App initiative is coordinating a full conference track dedicated to Quick Apps at OW2con'22 and including a round table. More.

OW2 Community Notices

The election process for 2022 is now over. Congratulations to the members of the 2022 Board! The next Board will be held in parallel of the “OW2 15 Year Anniversary”, on June 29 or June 30 (final date will be confirmed soon), as a physical and remote event. More.

In the OW2 Ecosystem

The next meeting of the OSPO OnRamp series co-founded by OW2 will take place May 20. The series provide useful basic content and knowledge on how to set up an Open Source Program Office. More.


Open Expo Europe Virtual Experience 2022 will take place on June 8 to 11. Registration is open.


GLPi free IT asset management software appears in GitHub Release Radar. Version 10.0 brings lots of cool changes. More.

In our Research Projects

Check out four new videos about the DECODER open source software project intelligence platform, in the process to join the OW2 code base managed by CEA List LSL. More.


The beta-testing platform remains open to OW2 members, research projects and SMEs wishing to collect feedback for their latest beta release or use cases. More.


With more than 100 participants, the FOSDEM Devroom on Software Composition Analysis and Dependency management was a large success. See the videos. More.



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