March 2016 Newsletter

[OW2 Newsletter - March 2016 - From the OW2 Management Office]

Dear OW2 Members, dear All,

During a meeting in Brussels last month, Lars Pedersen, project officer with the software engineering and cloud unit at DG CONNECT, made an interesting point about software communities. He remarked that there must be certain pre-conditions for a community to take form and grow and developing a community if these conditions are not met would be quite a challenge. We at OW2 cannot agree more with his comment as we maintain that one of the key differences between a successful and a failed open source project is that the successful one implements flawless open source project governance. We would also add that there is a clear relationship between a well-managed community and software quality, as we have demonstrated with the AppHub project. In this regard, look at the Badge Program the Linux Foundation launched last summer on the criteria required to determine security, quality and stability of open source software and check out David A. Wheeler’s white paper, also a very interesting read.

We are delighted to welcome Daniele Gagliardi, the new chairperson of the Technology Council. An expert in software quality, we look forward to working with Daniele and the Technology Council on further enhancing our quality program.

The OW2 board and chairperson elections are now in full swing; online voting closes March 3 and the results will be announced on March 7. The new board will then elect its chair and the appointee will be announced at our General Assembly on March 23 in Paris at CCWE in the ‘Amsterdam’ room. Hope to see you there!

Thank you for your on-going support,

Cedric Thomas

PS: Project leaders: Do not forget to use the OW2 Forge to tell everybody about your project updates. News will appear on the OW2 forge, our home page and in this newsletter

Project News

Project Updates

  • LemonLDAP::NG 1.9.0 is out. New features include OpenID Connect support, a new manager user interface based on AngularJS, JSON serialization for configuration and sessions backend, persistent sessions visualization in the sessions explorer, and support of CAS 3.0 attributes.
  • Talend Open Studio for Data Integration 6.2.0 M2 and 5.6.3 are now available; check out the list of fixed bugs and new features on the project's issue tracker.
  • XWiki 8.0 Milestone 2 and XWiki 7.4.2 have been released. XWiki 8.0 M2 brings some performance improvements to the LESS module and improves usability aspects of Nested Pages. XWiki 7.4.2 includes asynchronous copy and rename page actions, improved location picker when copying and renaming, ability to omit "WebHome" in wiki links and images syntaxes.

Community News

CloudScape, Brussels, 8-9 March

The AppHub project team will provide live demonstrations of the European open source marketplace, a short talk and a position paper at this cloud event. More.

Cloud Computing World Expo, March 23-24, Paris

Visit us on the Open Cloud space (booth #G11) shared by OW2, ActiveEon, Nanocloud and take part in our lottery! Attend the Open Cloud Forum by OW2, March 23 afternoon. See More or register now.

Cloud Expo Europe, April 12-13, London

This year's London Open Coud Forum by OW2 affords visibility to open cloud projects from the OW2 Community and R&D European projects. Visit us in the Open Cloud Park. More.

Net Futures, April 20-21, Brussels

Attend a demo of the European open source marketplace or register your software assets at the AppHub booth, and you might win a digital gift. More.

AppHub Hands-on Workshops, April 21-22, Brussels

Seize this opportunity to join the AppHub Store and improve the portability of your open source code through the AppHub Factory. Register now! More.

OpenStack Summit, April 25-29, Austin, Texas

Visit the OW2 booth (#B32) at OpenStack Summit in Austin in April 2016 and discover live demos of AppHub European Open Source Marketplace. More.

OSCON O'Reilly Conference, May 16-19, Austin, Texas

Once again we will be exhibiting in the non-profit pavilion. US-based members and partners are welcome to visit us and why not give us a hand on the booth. More.

RISCOSS GitHubAnalyzer Try it Online

RISCOSS analyses raw data from open source projects and delivers indicators to help evaluate them. Try out RISCOSS online now and give us your feedback.

OW2 Webinars

OW2 Project Leaders: do not miss a great opportunity to afford visibility to your project. Register your webinar and use the Youtube replay in your communications. Please check out the dates and book your slot now. More

In the OW2 Community Ecosystem


Discover Nanocloud Webinar replay: Turn any software into a cloud solution.
European Commission Horizon 2020 calls for proposals ICT-6 (Cloud Computing) and ICT-10 (Software Technologies) will close Tuesday, April 12.
OW2 Corporate Members Talend and Telecom Paristech will exhibit at Big Data Paris, March 7-8.

Collaborative Project Reviews Roundup


CHOReVOLUTION platform becomes clearer thanks to video interviews from Gianluca Ripa (CEFRIEL) and Francesco Chicchiriccò (TIRASA).
OCCIware: First results of the collaborative R&D project "Managing Everything as a Service" will be demonstrated on the OW2 booths in Paris in March in London in April.

OW2 Community Notices


Board meeting: The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held 22 March 2016. Elections: Board Members representative votes are now closed and we are moving toward the election of the Chairperson. General Assembly: 6pm on March 23 in the Amsterdam room at Cloud Computing World Expo.



We are still exploring the opportunity of organizing our 2016 annual community event as an independent conference, in June in Paris and we are actively looking for a suitable venue. Let us know your thoughts! Our decision will be announced soon.