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July 2008 Newsletter


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<tbody><tr> <td><p><font size="1">\[0W2 Newsletter - July 2008 - From the OW2 Management Office\]&nbsp;</font></p><p>Dear OW2 Members, <br /><br />Here is the second edition of our monthly newsletter. As you can see, we have tried to make it easier to read. <br /><br />Alexandre Lefebvre, who many of you already know, has joined the Management Office and is our new CTO. I forgot to make this announcement in the last newsletter. My apologies Alex... and welcome aboard! The Management Office technical team now includes Jeremy Casery (Sysadmin), Alessandro Taurelli (Webmaster), and Alex Lefebvre (CTO). Alex replaces our former CTO, Jacques Cayuela, who we want here to thank warmly for all his work.<br /><br />For those of you who were lucky enough to miss it, we had a serious shutdown crisis on June 24. It is now just a bad memory and our machines are enjoying a brand new air conditioning system for the summer. Our appreciation to hoster Xsalto who handled the crisis brilliantly. Our main applications were restarted within 12 hours. But you already know that. <br /><br />We want to keep this newsletter short but, as you can see, we have a lot of information to share! emoticon_smile<br /><br />Cedric Thomas </p></td></tr> </tbody></table><hr style="clear: both; visibility: hidden" /> 

<table class="cadreOrange" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td> <h1 style="text-align: left">PROJECTS
UPDATES</h1><h3>XWiki Watch 1.0 release candidate 1 released</h3><p>Anca Paula
Luca - 2008-06-25 08:41 - XWiki The XWiki development team is pleased to announce
the release of XWiki Watch 1.0 RC 1. Go grab it at <a href="">XWiki
Watch 1.0 ! </a></p><h3>Nova Orchestra RC2 has been released</h3><p>Miguel Valdes
Faura - 04/07/2008 <br />This <a href="">Release
Candidate version 2</a> also include basic support for elements defined in the
BPEL 2.0 standard. .</p><h3>Enhydra DODS 7.3-2 is released</h3><p>Sinisa Milosevic
- 04/07/2008 <br />Hi all, <a href="">Enhydra
DODS 7.3-2</a> is just released!</p><h3>Nova Bonita RC2 has been released</h3><p>Miguel
Valdes Faura - 04/07/2008 <br />This<a href=""> 

Release Candidate version 2</a> also include basic support for elements defined
in the XPDL 1.0 standard as well as most the main features already supported in
Bonita v3. </p><h3>EAF 7.3-2 is released</h3><p>Sinisa Milosevic - 30/06/2008
<br />Hi all, <a href="">Enhydra Application
Framework (EAF) 7.3-2</a> is just released. </p><h3>Enhydra JaWE 2.4-1 is
released</h3><p>Sasa Bojanic - 30/06/2008 <br />Hi, <a href="">Enhydra
JaWE 2.4-1</a> is released. </p><h3>XWiki Enterprise 1.5 Milestone 2 Released</h3><p>Vincent
Massol - 30/06/2008<br />See XWiki <a href="">Enterprise
1.5 Milestone 2</a> </p><h3>XWiki Watch 1.0 release candidate 1 released</h3><p>Anca
Paula Luca - 2008-06-25 <br />The XWiki development team is pleased to announce
the release of XWiki Watch 1.0 RC 1. <a href="">Go
grab it</a>!</p><h3>eXo Portlet Container 2.0 final is issued</h3><p>Gennady Azarenkov
- 2008-06-18 <br />The new <a href="">Portlet
Container</a> offers full compliance with PortletAPI 2.0 final specification (100%
TCK tests were succeeded)</p><h3>XWiki Enterprise 1.4.1 released</h3><p>Thomas
Mortagne - 2008-06-10 <br />See <a href="">XWiki
Enterprise 1.4.1</a> </p></td></tr> </tbody></table></td></tr> <tr> <td align="center"> 

<table class="cadreOrange" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td> <h1 style="text-align: left">NEW
PROJECTS </h1><h3>ASPIRE</h3><p>The <a href="">AspireRFID
project</a> is an integrated middleware for<br />RFID-based applications. ASPIRE
is a research project <a href="">funded by the EU</a>.</p><h3>ELASTIC
GRID</h3><p>The <a href="">Elastic
Grid</a> is an infrastructure for Java applications on virtualized hardware available
through cloud computing providers such as Amazon EC2.</p></td></tr> </tbody></table><hr style="clear: both; visibility: hidden" /> 

<table class="cadreOrange" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td> <h1 style="text-align: left">COMMUNITY
NEWS<br /></h1><h3>Next Quarterly Meeting</h3><p>The next <a href="">Quarterly
Meeting</a> will take place in Paris along with the Paris Capitale du Libre event
in September 24-25.</p><h3>The June 24 incident</h3><p>After some 11 hours
of downtime due to a failure in gthe AC system, the OW2 technical infrastructure
is fully functional again. More details on the <a href="">OW2
IT Infrastructure page</a>.</p><h3>Libre Software Meeting</h3><p>The OW2 community
is well represented at the <a href="">Libre
Software Meeting</a> on July with five presentations and almost a full track. 

</p><h3>OW2 at OSCON</h3><p>An outcome of the contacts established at JavaOne,
OW2 has been granted a free booth in the area for non-profit groups and non-commercial
open source projectstable at the <a href="">OSCON
event</a>. </p><h3>OW2 Business Ecosystem Strategy</h3><p>Initially based
on a presentation given at Solution Linux 2008 in Paris, we have written a <a href="">brief
paper</a> to explain the OW2 business ecosystem strategy. </p><h3>Ecosystem
Council Chair</h3><p>The Ecosystem Council (EC) now has a Chair person: Michel
Cezon of INRIA. Please visit the<a href="">
EC page.</a></p><h3>Europe Local Chapter calls for participation</h3><p>The Europe
Local Chapter (ELC) has issued two calls one to help in the development of OW2
in Europe and one to participate in OW2 activities in the NESSI OSS Work Group.
Visit the <a href="">ELC
page</a>.</p><h3>JaVoxx (JavaPolis) papers submission</h3><p>We received an enthusiastic
reponse to our community call for papers to be present at this strategic event
for OW2 in Europe. See the <a href="">abstracts</a>.</p><h3>OW2
meets Eben Moglen</h3><p>Great insights into the GPLv3 and guidance for IP lawyers.
Please check the <a href="">synthesis 

of our discussion</a> with Eben Moglen.</p></td></tr> </tbody></table><hr style="clear: both; visibility: hidden" /> 

<table class="cadreOrange" width="98%"> <tbody><tr> <td><h1 style="text-align: left">OUTLOOK</h1><h3>ICAR
Summer School</h3><p>OW2 will be a partner of the ICAR Summer School (Middleware
and development of distributed applications, 25-29 August 2008, Nice, France)
. <a href="">More</a>.</p><h3>Projects
Categorization</h3><p>The Technology Council is working at categorizing the projects
in three stages: Incubation, Maturity, Archive. Alexandre Lefebvre is going to
send a questionnaire to all project leaders. </p><h3>PCL call for papers</h3><p>We
are planning to organize an OW2 track at the<br />Paris Capitale du Libre conference
and exhibition in Paris and we have issued a <a href="">call
for papers</a>. </p><h3>OSS Camp in China</h3><p>The China Local Chapter will
organize the OW2 representation at two Open Source Camps organized by the Huihoo
open source community. The first one in Ghanzhou in September, the second one
in Beijing in October. </p><h3>OW2 Technical Infrastructure Improvements</h3><p>We
aere busy developing a SSO front-end to our multiple applications. This will be
a key improvement expected on our infrastructure to be implemented within the
next few weeks.</p><p> We are also working on adding new services to the OW2 technical
infrastructure: a Webinar tool (with the help of INRIA) and a meeting scheduling
tool.</p><h3>Italy Roadshow</h3><p>We introduced OW2 in Italy to a dozen organizations
in different sectors including Local Government, Bank, Research, Telecommunication
and Manufacturing. The report will be published mid-July.</p><h3>Analyst briefing</h3><p>Gartner
wanted to know more about OW2. We committed to prepare a series of presentations
for their top analysts. We are getting late on this.</p><h3>JaVoxx (Javapolis)
trade show</h3><p>After polling the community we have confirmed a Medium Sponsorship
at JaVoxx 2008, next December, in Antwerp, Belgium.</p><h3> </h3></td></tr> 

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