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August 2008 Newsletter


\[OW2 Newsletter - August 2008 - From the OW2 Management Office]\

Dear OW2 Members,

As OW2 prepares to slow down for the summer holiday, our developers have decided to work extra time on their releases before going away.

Alexandre Lefebvre has sent his questionaire to project leaders for project categorization. We need your answers. And If you haven't received it, please let us know

Recommended summer reading: Intellectual Property and Open Source by Van Lindberg, whom I met at OSCON. A must-read book for all of you who want to get involved in the great debate on open source licenses.

Due to the summer holidays and similar to many companies in the northern hemisphere, OW2 will not be operating at full speed until August 25. Your contacts this summer at OW2:
- Technical infrastructure issues: Jeremy Casery or the Opal list
- Community issues: Cherry Bian or, from August 5, Julie Marguerite

Enjoy your summer break!

Cedric Thomas


31 Jul 08: Spagic 2.2.0 released (Posted by: gboccalon)

29 Jul 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.5 released (Posted by: jvdrean)

29 Jul 08: XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.3 Release Candidate 1 released (Posted by: tmortagne)

23 Jul 08: XMLC 2.3.1 is out (Posted by: jkjome)

23 Jul 08: XMLC 2.2.17 is out (Posted by: jkjome)

21 Jul 08: Tomcat valve and Dokuwiki plugin for WebSSO LemonLDAP::NG (Posted by: clement_oudot)

21 Jul 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.5 Release Candidate 2 released (Posted by: jvdrean)

21 Jul 08: JOnAS 5.0.4 Available (Posted by: benoitf)

21 Jul 08: Enhydra Shark 2.2-1 released! (Posted by: sasaboy)

21 Jul 08: XWiki Watch 1.0 released! (Posted by: aluca)

10 Jul 08: XWiki Enterprise 1.5 Release Candidate 1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)

08 Jul 08: EasyBeans 1.0.1 released (Posted by: benoitf)

08 Jul 08: Spago 3 coming soon (Posted by: gboccalon)

04 Jul 08: Nova Orchestra RC2 has been released (Posted by: mvaldes)

04 Jul 08: Enhydra DODS 7.3-2 is released! (Posted by: sinisa)

04 Jul 08: Nova Bonita RC2 has been released (Posed by: mvaldes)


No new projects accepted by Technology Council in July


Next Quarterly Meeting

- The next Quarterly Meeting will take place in Paris along with the Paris Capitale du Libre event in September 24-25.See the full agenda at:

The OSCON Report

- A week at OSCON and our small booth help us introduce OW2 to open source luminaries from accross the world.

Italy Roadshow Report

- We just published the report of our Italy Roadshow where we introduced OW2 in Italy to a dozen organizations in different sectors including Local Government, Bank, Research, Telecommunication and Manufacturing.

ICAR Summer School

- OW2 wis a partner in the ICAR Summer School on Middleware and development of distributed applications, 25-29 August 2008, in Nice, France More at :

Paris Capitale du Libre

- Further to the responses received to our call for paper, we can confirm that OW2 will be organizing a conference track at next Paris Capitale du Libre conference and exhibition in Paris on 24-25 September.

NEXOF RA Invitation to Contribute

- The NEXOF-RA is now opening the first invitation to contribute in developing the NESSI Open Service Framework Reference Architecture.


Additional Technical Services

- We are currently working on adding new services to the OW2 technical infrastructure: Dimdim, a Webinar tool (with the help of INRIA) and FOSSology to manage licenses in our code base. I met Bob Gobeille at OSCON who kindly agreed to help us implement FOSSology.

IPR Policy Maintenance

- After recent community discussions about open source licences (questions on the GLPv3, on Affero, on proliferation) we realized that our IPR policy document might require some maintenance.

Specific End-User status

- Further to a number of discussions we have, for instance during our roadshow in Italy or at OSCON, it seems we need to offer end-users a special status with specific activities. The Ecosystem Council will be working towards a proposal for next Board Meeting.

JaVoxx (Javapolis) 2008

- Still no news from the programme committee about the 20+ papers we proposed. Wait and see...
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