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June 2008 Newsletter

\[OW2 Newsletter - June 2008 - From the OW2 Management Office]\

Dear OW2 Members,

You want to follow what is going on at your favorite open source
middleware consortium but, of course, like everyone, you do not always
think of, nor feel like checking the OW2 home page ( This is
why we now offer instead to push news to you through this newsletter.
Another newsletter ?!? The truth is that it was not entirely our idea but
also a request from members themselves.
This is information, not communication. No noise, no spam. We only want
to keep you posted and keep it short. So without further ado, here they
are: Projects updates and Community events.

Cedric Thomas


*EasyBeans 1.0.0 released*
    Florent Benoit - 21/05/2008 15:09   -   EasyBeans
EasyBeans 1.0.0 has been published.

*New Funambol discussion services and new Forge*
    Stefano Maffulli - 21/05/2008 15:09   -   Funambol
The all new Funambol Forge is ready to be used. We have setup a new
platform to hold discussions, elaborate documentation and share
knowledge, host code. In one verb: to collaborate.

Get an account on and subscribe to the
new discussion services on the Core Project
( The special feature
of the discussion services is that you can use them as online forums or
mailing list, without having to chose.

*XWiki Enterprise 1.4 released*
    Jean-Vincent Drean - 20/05/2008 12:24   -   XWiki

*XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.2 Release Candidate released*
    Thomas Mortagne - 20/05/2008 12:24   -   XWiki

*SpagoBI 2.0 ALPHA is out !*
    Grazia Cazzin - 13/05/2008 08:48   -   SpagoBI
The SpagoBI team is pleased to annunce the first ALPHA version of the new
2.0 release.


*OW2 meets Eben Moglen* - Philippe Aigrain of the Software Freedom Law
Center has kindly agreed to organize a meeting between Eben Moglen,
Executive Director of the SFLC, and OW2 Members.

*OW2 at LinuxDays* - At LinuxDays, in Geneva, an OW2 Village is organized
with the presence of Bull, Thales Switzerland, INRIA and Linagora. OW2
members are staging ten conferences.

*OW2 meets the JCP at Paris JUG* - The Paris Java User Group invites
Patrick Curran, Chair of the Java Community Process (JCP) and Cedric
Thomas (CEO, OW2) for a round table. An account at:

*OW2 at LinuxTag 2008* - At LinuxTag 2008, in Berlin, on Wednesday May
28, OW2 Technology Chairman Gaël Blondelle introduces the OW2 code base
to German Linux fans.

*Meeting of the Board of Directors* - The meeting was held on May 15, in
Grenoble, France. Main news:
Jean-Pierre Laisne (Bull) re-elected Chairman of the Board.
The Europe Local Chapter upgraded to Operational status
Summary of the minutes:


*Projects Categorization* - The Technology Council is working at
categorizing the projects in three stages: Incubation, Maturity, Archive.

*Italy Roadshow* - OW2 evangelization meetings organized by Engineering
in Italy

*Javoxx (JavaPolis) papers submission* - We have issued a call for papers
to be present at this strategic event for OW2 in Europe.

*PCL call for papers* - We are planning to organize an OW2 track at the
Paris Capitale du Libre conference and exhibition in Paris and will issue
a call for papers.

*Analyst day preparation* - Gartner wants to know more about OW2, we
committed to prepare a series of presentations for their top analysts.

*SSO on the OW2 technical infrastructure* - A key improvement expected on
our infrastructure to be implemented withinthe next few weeks.

*Introduction to the OW2 Consortium Business Ecosystems Strategy* -
English version of a paper Initially published in Quaderni di Management
(Italy) n° 33, May-June 2008.

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