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January 2010 Newsletter

OW2 Newsletter - January 2010 - From the OW2 Management Office  

Dear OW2 Members, Dear All,

We at OW2, are very excited about the trends we're witnessing in the adoption and creation of open source software. OW2 has never been so well positioned to play a key role in the global open source community and will continue to grow in 2010.

In uncertain times, company interests often take priority over community interests and cooperation seems counter-intuitive. OW2 offers world-class projects, initiatives and events that help developers, commercial open source vendors, systems integrators and end-users cooperate in an open and neutral environment.

Like any industry organization, OW2 is most effective when its members work together. You can help right away by helping grow the OW2 community. Your partners, customers, colleagues, peers and associates are all potential OW2 members: let them know the benefits of our great community and invite them to join us today.

On another note, our General Assembly will be held on March 17.

Thank you for your support,.

Cedric Thomas


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>New Member

 A new member has joined us from the Open Solutions Alliance:

JasperSoft: one of the priorities is to integrate CCV (Common Customer View - an interchangeable mix of open source business applications accessible through a single portal) with other OW2 projects.  

>Project Updates

21 Jan 10: Petals ESB 3.0.3 released (Posted by: mlebreton)
20 Jan 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.2 Milestone 1 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
07 Jan 10: XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.1.1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
07 Jan 10: XWiki Enterprise 2.1.1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
22 Dec 09: SpagoBI 2.4 with Studio and Meta is now available ! (Posted by: cazzin)
15 Dec 09: Bonita Open Solution M5 available (Posted by: mvaldes)
15 Dec 09: Petals Studio 1.0 beta 2 (Posted by: mlebreton)
15 Dec 09: Petals ESB 3.0.1 (Posted by: mlebreton)
14 Dec 09: Orchestra 4.2.1 is available (Posted by: lejeuneg)
09 Dec 09: XWiki Manager Enterprise 2.0.5 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)

>New Project

The Technology Council has recently accepted one new project in incubation:

Mind: an implementation of the Fractal component model for the development of embedded software;  provides an architecture compilation tool-chain, a component library and an integrated development environment based on Eclipse. 

>Community News

OW2 at Solution Linux 2010

On March 16-18, 2010, the OW2 Village will be once again a major attraction at Solution Linux.  As usual we will also present the OW2 conference track showcasing our projects and success stories. The programme for the OW2 track is closed but there is one last chance to grab a pod on the Village: contact mo AT ow2 dot org. Hurry!

OW2 General Assembly

Our 2010 General Assembly will be held March 17 at Solution Linux in Paris: reports by the Chairperson of the Board, the treasurer, the CEO and hearings of candidates for the renewal of the members of the Board of Directors.

New machines for OW2

Within the next weeks, OW2 will move its software infrastructure to new more powerful servers. We will keep you informed on the OW2 IT Infrastructure page.

OW2 in the social networks

Social networks are great tools to help foster communities however, they also have their inherent risks: check our Social Networks page and see our policy here .

OW2 open source activism (cont.)

OW2 offered a contribution to the public consultation issued by the European Commission on the EU 2020 strategy for a greener and more inclusive growth and introduced the EUCC (European Union Common Cloud) infrastructure.

Help us re-launch OW2 Planet

Help us re-launch the "OW2 planet" web content by emailing the RSS feed links from your social media, such as blogs and twitter, to mo AT


OW2 CEO predictions

A tradition brought to us by our friends from the Open Solutions Alliance, the CEO Predictions for year ahead will published in the next issue of the OW2 newsletter.

OW2 programming contest

The 2010 OW2 programming Contest will be launched in the next few weeks and the award ceremony will be held September 24-26, in Ningxia University in Yinchuan, the capital city of the Ningxia province in China.

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