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December 2009 Newsletter


OW2 Newsletter - December 2009 - From the OW2 Management Office 

Dear OW2 Members,

Three years... The OW2 non-profit organization was officially registered three years ago, on December 18, 2006. Since then, OW2 has grown into a global community of 70 commercial, academic and government organizations and 1200 individuals which support some 80 open source projects focused on infrastructure software, i.e. middleware and generic applications. OW2 has launched the BI Initiative and Local Chapters in Europe, China and Brazil, and is currently setting up its North America chapter.

OW2 at the crossroads... While prospects for improving and growing the consortium are bright, there is no denying the next few weeks will be critical for OW2 as we are in the process of renegotiating the commitment of our strategic members. This is a turning point: at stake is our ability to energize the community, grow its visibility and strengthen our operational platform.

Building an independent global open source organization is a complex endeavor and would not have been possible without the ongoing contributions and inspiration provided by our members. SeasonsGreetings1

Thank you for your support and... Season's greetings to all!

Cedric Thomas


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09 Dec 09: XWiki Manager Enterprise 2.0.5 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
09 Dec 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.0.5 Released (Posted by: tmortagne)
09 Dec 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
07 Dec 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.1 Release Candidate 1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
04 Dec 09: Module GIS Tellus Beta Version 1.0 (Posted by: mgomez)
04 Dec 09: Petals Master (Dragon) 1.0 RC1 released ! (Posted by: mlebreton)
30 Nov 09: JOnAS 5.1.1 available (Posted by: benoitf)
30 Nov 09: NovaForge 2.5.2 is available (Posted by: riase)
30 Nov 09: XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.0.4 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
30 Nov 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.0.4 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
27 Nov 09: SOFA IDE and MConsole 0.7.0 released (Posted by: mmalohlava)
27 Nov 09: SOFA 2 0.7.0 released (Posted by: mmalohlava)
27 Nov 09: Bench4Q Tool 1.1.0 Released (Posted by: duanzhiquan)
27 Nov 09: Petals ESB 3.0 released (Posted by: mlebreton)
20 Nov 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.1 Milestone 1 Released (Posted by: jvdrean)
20 Nov 09: EasyWSDL 2.0 release (Posted by: nboissel)
05 Nov 09: XWiki Enterprise 2.0.3 released (Posted by: tmortagne)
05 Nov 09: XWiki Enterprise Manager 2.0.3 released (Posted by: tmortagne) 


The Technology Council has recently accepted two new projects in incubation:

Accord:  the first open source Odette FTP 2.0 product suite, providing functionalities to ease the integration of business partners with security and governance in mind.

TESS-CRS: TESS (Timestamped Event Stream System) is a framework designed to easily build complex event stream processing. CRS (Chronicle Recognition System) deploys a TESS processing architecture which implements a correlation rule engine from a set of chronicles.


Meeting of the Board of Directors

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held by phone on December 16. The main item on the agenda is the discussion of the 3-year development plan and the new fee structure. 

OW2 at Solution Linux 2010

On March 16-18, 2010, the OW2 Village will be once again a major attraction at Solution Linux.  As usual we will also organize the OW2 conference track showcasing our projects and success stories. Now is your last chance to grab a slot in the Village or the OW2 Track: contact mo at ow2 dot org. Hurry!

OW2 in the social networks

OW2 invites you to join an OW2 group in your social media of choice, participate in discussions and network with other OW2 members on Facebook, LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter and Check our new Social Network page.

OW2 open source activism

OW2 sent an open letter to the European Commission with regard to rumored threats against the European Interoperability Framework. More. OW2 is also supporting the 2020 FLOSS Roadmap and the open letter against ACTA from La Quadrature du Cercle.

Members' pages on the OW2 web site

We have added new pages on the OW2 web site: Associate Organizations , Founding and Benefactor Members. Please, check also the Members Presentations (send information or corrections to mo at ow2 dot org).

In the OW2 Business Ecosystem

BonitaSoft and eXo Platform announce OEM partnership agreement.

BI Initiative

Engineering and INGRES announce joint release of BI enterprise bundle, a deliverable of the BI Initiative.

fOSSa conference

The presentations at fOSSa conference held in Grenoble November 16-17 are available. Access through here


Technology Council guidelines

The Technology Council is working on freshening its guidelines on accepting projects in incubation and upgrading projects to mature. Another couple weeks of email discussion and we will publish them. Stay tuned.

Looking forward to new machines

Few weeks ago our disk storage was dangerously close to saturation! We are optimizing data management and switching to a new SVN repository parser. In January, our infrastructure should be transferred to more powerful servers. We will keep you informed on the OW2 IT Infrastructure page.

OW2 programming contest

After debriefing with our friends at Scilab, we have decided to renew the OW2-Scilab partnership. We will launch the 2010 OW2 Programming Contest next month (January). The award ceremony will be held in China in October.

Testing our projects

We are currently in talks with the China Software Testing Center which is considering granting access to their performance testing services to our main open source projects. 

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